Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 14 Recap

Gu Jian was so drunk at the Miluo Winery that he refused to leave until closing. Milo came to visit, willing to listen to Gu Jian talking about the troubles, but Gu Jian just poured wine one by one, and didn’t say anything else. The next day Xiaofeng went to meet the Queen Mother, Yongning and Luoxi were also here. The Queen Mother asked the girls to choose jewelry. Who knew only Xiaofeng picked some food and ate it with relish, let the Queen Mother Can not help but laugh. When Luoxi mentioned that there would be a Cuju competition tomorrow, Xiaofeng’s eyes were shining brightly, and the Queen Mother approved the granddaughter to go to the competition together.

The Cuju competition soon began. Gao Zhen and Zhao Shixuan were among them. Xiao Feng was watching from the table, but she felt bad in her heart. The two people were originally separated because of the gap between the two girls. Now they meet in love, they are naturally jealous. , It seems there must be a fight. Sure enough, Gao Zhen deliberately used black hands during the match and kicked Zhao Shixuan severely, causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

Xiao Feng also accidentally told the banquet that Gao Zhen had a contradiction with Zhao Shixuan, which was remembered by Li Chengye. Zhao Sese was very angry when he saw that his elder brother was framed, but Li Chengyin helped Gao Zhen to speak, making Sese even more angry.

After the game, Li Yun told Li Chengye that Gao Zhen and Zhao Shixuan were indeed at odds, and the city had already been rioting, and everyone knew it. Li Chengye smiled slightly and asked Li Yun to talk about business. Only then did Li Yun say that since yesterday, Li Chengye had claimed to be ill and refused to see anyone. Li Chengye frowned, guessing Li Chengyin’s motives. He believed that Li Chengyin always went to please Zhao Sese to collude with the Zhao family. In this way, if the power of the high minister is added, Li Chengyin will definitely Strengthen the momentum in the court.

Zhang Meiniang asked Xiao Feng to recite the female commandment, but Xiao Feng couldn’t memorize it. Zhang Meiniang punished Fang Shangyi out of anger, making Xiao Feng feel very guilty. At this time, a court lady came to report that Zhao Sese was angry with Li Chengyin, so he refused to see him all the time, and Li Chengyin was also suffering from lovesickness. Zhang Meiniang was very angry, and she immediately went to the palace to meet her. Upon hearing the news, Xiao Feng hurried to inform Li Chengyin. At this time, Zhao Sese had already come to Zhang Meiniang, and after listening to her reprimands, Zhang Meiniang asked her to stand by herself and not to have illusions about Li Chengyin.

Li Chengye knew that Zhao Jingyu had always wanted to marry Se Se to be his side concubine, so he met with Zhao Jingyu late at night and drew in. The next day, at the court, Li Chengye recommended Zhao Jingyu to be the prince of Zhenbei, and the emperor immediately agreed. Zhao Jingyu was very grateful. Xiao Feng accompanied Li Chengyin to revise the local chronicles.

Li Chengyin’s attitude was lukewarm, and finally left. Xiao Feng chased him unwillingly, and hit Li Chengyin with a snowball. The two had a great time playing in the snow. On the other side, Gao Ming severely beat Gao Zhen, and blamed him for pushing the power of the Zhao family to the prince because of Mingyue’s bad event.

Zhao Jingyu is about to go to Danchi to take office, and Li Chengyin specially went to Shili Changting to see him off. It turned out that Li Chengyin had long been affectionate with Se Se, and he successfully persuaded Zhao Jingyu that Zhao Shixuan was injured, Se Se was angry, Zhao Jingyu turned to the prince and other things were all good strategies planned by Li Cheng Yin. Now, Zhao Jingyu has gone to work and entrusted her to Li Chengyin, hoping that Li Chengyin can treat her well. When the prince reacted, he was making a wedding dress for others, but it was too late.

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