Liu Hua Forbidden Love

He is an immortal but better than a god, and she is a god but not as good as an immortal. Yaochi Fairy Meeting, the blue abyss, the unparalleled beauty at the beginning of the twilight, since then the love has deep roots. An acquaintance, thinking of acquaintance. Hate only hate,

She is a goddess from up above, yet from the beginning destined to be a renounced God. Divine powers and her were just not meant to be. Behind her elder sister’s brilliance, she can only be a shadow. She’s a presence to be exploited, but a person like her, also desires to be treated sincerely. Even if, for a moment. And to be an evidence of her, Yin Luo’s existence. But, dreams have become long. Just what type of greatness would she become, and what kind of emotional burdens will she carry?

Scarlet Flowers of Love
Alternative name: 六花禁爱, Liu Hua Forbidden Love
月落紫珊 Yue Luo Zi Shan (OE)
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