5 Places to visit in Perth City, Australia

Perth City located on the Swan River in Australia. Western Australia is said to be “Perth” is a isolated city, far from most other cities in the world. Named the longest daylight in Australia. This can make outdoor activities longer and more fun. The city of Perth has beautiful old architecture. Large commercial center, many business buildings. The weather is quite warm. Explore the charming city The city of Magnetic attracts tourists from all over the world.

Where to go: around Perth and place nearby

1. Kings Park in Perth

Kings Park located on Eliza Hill. West of Perth It is considered as a hill in the center of town. Visitors can see the beautiful view of the city of Perth. Can see the end of the eye. And can see Lake Lugano The location of the swan. Kings Park has over 2,500 rai of vegetation. It is divided into a botanical garden of about 106 rai, which collects more than 2,000 species of plants, or tens of thousands of species.

2. Bell Tower or Swan Bells

Bell Tower or Swan Bells by the harbor for Swan River Cruises in Perth, Australia. The Swan Bells are a set of 18 bells hanging in a specially built 82.5 metres-high copper and glass campanile in Perth, Western Australia. The tower is commonly known as The Bell Tower or the Swan Bell Tower.

3. Lake Monger

Lake Monger is stay around the city center fresh air and abundant nature. The black swan habitat. Local animals and a symbol of Perth. Black swan appears as a symbol of the government and on the flag of Western Australia. Visitors will see the black swan, red mouth, wing tip is white. Hairy on curly wings. The lake is also close to the lake is also a home to many aquatic animals and birds as well.

4. Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman

Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman, Western Australia is Cappadocia Wildlife Sanctuary Located in the county of Whiteman Park, a large forest park north of Perth. With more than 4,000 acres of Australian wildlife, there are over 2,000 species of Australian wildlife including kangaroos, koalas, zebras, shallots, tasmanias, devils. And more Visitors will see the lovely of these little animals closely.

5. Nambung National Park in Nambung

Nambung National Park is a national park in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 200 km northwest of Perth, Australia and 17 km south of the small coastal town of Cervantes. Adventure Travel In the middle of the desert Take a tour of the Pinnacle Desert. Watch the wonders of the natural, creative and colorful limestone blocks. The wind blows sand gathered together for millions of years.

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