Unfortunately Not You (Novel)

Unfortunately, not you (Novel)
Also known as: 可惜不是你

Genre: novel, love, emotion
China Mainland
Leaf purple
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Unfortunately Not You (drama)

“Unfortunately Not You” is a youth emotional novel launched by the author Ye Zi in 2008. Also with the same name are the singer Liang Jingru ‘s music titled “Unfortunately Not You” and the radio drama ” Unfortunately Not You ” adapted from Ye Zi’s novel of the same name.

Ye Zi and Xiang Hui’s amorous and beautiful love began on the university campus. They used to think they would join hands with the End of the World to spend their lives together, but no matter how beautiful the vows are , they can’t bear the fatal sentiment. Xiang Hui was forced to make choices in affection and love because her mother owed a huge debt in the UK, and left Ye Zi to cross the ocean. Ye Zi endured loneliness, despair, and sorrow without knowing it. She is still waiting for the return of Xianghui, because Xianghui said that they are for the next better meeting, she always believed. The final result may be a misunderstanding to completely give up hope to Hui, investment unrequited love her for years but also to the friends of Hui Chen Yuhua embrace.

Four years later, Xiang Hui returned to China and told Ye Zicheng what she had done and hoped to start with her again. Ye Zi faced her first love and her boyfriend who was already married, whether he was clinging to the memory that was once unforgettable, or obeying the current warmth …

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