Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan

Chung Tai Chan Monastery (中台禪寺) in Puli, Taiwan

Chung Tai Chan Monastery (中台禪寺) located at No. 2, Zhongtai Road, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. The Monastery open everyday from 8.00 am. – 17.00 pm. Chung Tai Chan Monastery is the largest temple in Taiwan and one of the largest in Taiwan, this temple is a Mahayana Buddhist temple built in September 2000 as a pilgrimage site. Of Taiwanese It is a monastic university with thousands of classrooms for monks to study the Dharma and was named one of the most modern temples in the world. In 1999, a severe earthquake struck in Taichung district. The villages and buildings around the temple were severely damaged. However, the monk Shih Tzu was not damaged at all. Since then many people have put together faith in this measure very much.

How to get there:

  • By Train: Take the train to Taichung Station. Continue by bus at Nantou and take off at Puli Station. Then take a taxi. To reach the temple

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