14 Place to visit in Laos

Laos is one of the descendants of Thai ancestry. But Laos has many minorities, many Lao tribes only have only 50 percent. Which usually live on the Mekong River plains. The hill tribe is called “Javanese” because of the Javanese population more than any other group in the year 1900. Changed to the name of the city of Chiang Mai to the king. I have a Buddha image. Named after Phra Bang is the Sinhalese Buddha image. Soon, he changed his name to “Luang Prabang”

The Traditional about offer foods to monk in Laos

The Traditional about offer foods to monk in Laos. They put sticky rice to monk. The merit making of the glutinous rice bowl is a cultural tradition inherited from each other until the present. There is a merit making bowls of glutinous rice every morning. The charm and uniqueness of the Lao people. The only monk wishing to be baptized is the only monk, no nuns, monks and novices from the temple will be alms in the hundreds. This is an impressive picture and the culture, traditions, beliefs in Buddhism of the people of Luang Prabang.

14 Place to visit in Laos

1.Wat Phu Si Temple in Loas

Phra That Jom Phu Si (Wat Phu Si Temple) is located at the top of the hill in the center of Luang Prabang, 150 meters high. Located on a rectangular base adorned with a golden bronze statue of 7 stories, about 21 meters high, the most beautiful time during the late afternoon. Because of the sunlight that touches the relics, it will illuminate the golden glaze. In addition, the peak is one of the scenic spots of Luang Prabang.

2. Luang Phra Bang Night market in Loas

Luang Prabang Market or Night Market is one of Luang Prabang’s most popular nightclubs. Most of products are handicraft, such as hand-woven cloth, knitting machine, weaving machine. Silver jewelry, wood and rattan work, carvings, antique objects, mulberry paper, etc., which are considered as souvenirs and souvenirs with reasonable price. There are also exotic local foods and desserts to choose from during the walk.

3. Luang Prabang City in Laos

Luang Prabang City is a world-famous tourist destination. With the abundance of nature. The architecture is beautiful and unique. It was honored by UNESCO in 1995 as a World Heritage Site. Luang Prabang beautiful landscape. Two main rivers are the Mekong River and the Kan River. It also has beautiful and valuable traditions. The atmosphere is warm. People love to smile and good friendship.

4. Ban Phanom Luang Pha Bang (Ban Phnom Village) in Laos

Ban Phanom Luang Pha Bang or Ban Phnom Village in Laos. Ban Phnom Village is a village that is regarded as a village of culture. The majority of the people living in this village are Tai Lue who migrated from Xishuangbanna, China. Baan Pha Da is a village that is famous for its handcrafted textiles. unique It is also the most famous of Luang Prabang.

5. Luang Prabang Morning Market

Luang Prabang Morning Market is located on Sri Sawang Road, close to the Mayay Hotel and Wat Suwan Phu. Open early morning around 5am to 10am every day. The morning market focuses on selling foods that include fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, snacks, and local delicacies from Luang Prabang people. Not only tourists will taste the breakfast in the Lao style. But also to experience the way of life of the Luang Prabang people as well.

6. Ban Chang Hai in Laos

Ban Chang Hai (boiled village) is a village famous for boiling liquor (Lao liquor), as the villagers call each other. In this village, almost every home will be sold liquor. The locals will bring water from the Mekong River into the rice and marinate in large jars until the place. Then the distillation. Each step in the process.

7. Tham Ting Cave in Laos

Tham Ting Cave is a sacred cave that Luang Prabang people worship and worship overwhelmingly. Each year there are both Lao monks and tourists traveling to worship. The water is kept constantly throughout the year. For the prosperity of life according to the belief of the Lao. This cave is located in the Big Bamboo Mountain opposite the mouth of the mouth of the Mekong River.

8. Tad Kuang Si in Laos

Tad Kuang Si Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Luang Prabang. The limestone waterfall is over 70 meters clear and clean. In the midst of a lush, fertile forest. You will see view of the fresh air and pure throughout the day.

9. Wat Chiang Tong Temple

Wat Chiang Tong is an important temple and popular with tourists around the world. With beautiful architecture. It tells the story of art and culture of the Luang Prabang as well. The temple has a unique style of Luang Prabang style. The doors and windows of the temple are carved with beautiful patterns. Walls are covered with gold, black flooring. This is a unique artwork that is very spectacular and they tell the story of Tathra.

10. Wat Vi Sounna Rath Temple

Wat Vi Sounna Rath Temple built in the reign of King Vishnu in 2046 built to house a priest. The village of Wiang Kham. There is a lotus pagoda or lotus flower. This temple has a large chedi shaped like a half melon. Lao people call it. Phra That Mak Mo It is the top of the relics, like the flame pattern of the Ceylon Buddha or Sukhothai. This pagoda can look very ruined, despite the renovation of the two times in 2402 in the time of Lord Parin (ripe words), the father of Maha Saraiwong.

11. Watermelon Pagoda

Watermelon Pagoda is a unique and unique architectural style, with the top of the pyramids, like the flame pattern of the Ceylon or Sukhothai Buddha image. This pagoda may look very sloppy, despite two renovations in 1859. In the time of God. Please renovate and have a great restoration in the year 1914 in the reign of King Maha Sivangwong. Has been excavated. Many precious things Like glass, gold ring Bronze statue And carvings of gold glass under the base of Chao Mo. Today is kept at the Museum of the Great Hall of the People.

12. Luang Prabang Royal Palace in Laos

Luang Prabang Palace is a palace with a design floor is a single floor. The design combines a blend of French-style architecture and Lao-Lao style architecture. Royal Palace (Luang Prabang Palace) located on the Mekong River. Facing Phra That Phanom Nowadays, it has become a museum for tourists to visit the beauty of architecture, arts and crafts in various forms, such as silk carved ivory carvings. Regalia Painting work, important people, etc.

3. Wat Mai Suwanphammaram Temple

Wat Suwanphammaram or a new temple located at Sri Sawang Wong next to Royal Palace. Built in the reign of God in the year 2337 or the short name ‘new temple’ used to be the residence of the Buddha. The last pontiff of Laos. And it was enshrined. In the reign of King Rama V Until the year 1894. Some of them are made in the royal hall. Inside the palace until the present. The temple has a beautiful temple with U-shaped art and is now used as a school of scripture.

14. Phra Bang Hall in Laos

Phra Bang Hall is some of the Buddhist lavas or some of the priceless priceless Luang Prabang inside the enshrined Buddha images. The art of the aftermath of the 54-kilogram bronze casting with gold alloy 90 percent. In the hall there is a Buddha carved navel. Four other stone tablets and an ancient drum. Construction started in 1960. King Sriwatthana To celebrate the semi-epoch year The father of King Sri Sawang Wong. The construction was not completed. Laos has changed the rule. And started construction in 1995. It has not been completed until now.

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