What to do when you Lose Luggage at the airport?

Whether traveling to upcountry or return back to your country and no one wants to encounter in bad thing from missing their luggage. But when you lost it and if the luggage really lost. What do we have to do is to contact someone and ask for who can take responsible from our belongings that are already missing. These events may occur at any time and what should we do after luggage is lost. This is what you should do as

1.Contact staff

When we are sure that our luggage is missing then immediately contact the Lost & Found counter. At each airport has this department and is close to the baggage claim area or we will inform the airline’s seat that which we sit in.

2. Show the evidence of your luggage

Before traveling every time that we should take a picture of our bag tag every time. In case of loss then we will have evidence of luggage but if you not taken it’s that okay. You can bring the plane ticket, bag tag that airline official give to you and passport after that submit to the officer as evidence.

3. Collect all the information

After the officer has checked that our luggage is already missing. The airline will issue a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) to us then recommend storing of the reference number information as well because even if our PIR is lost, you can use the reference number to find information.

4. Wait and Wait

At this point that we can’t do anything so you have to wait in patiently. This will have their staff check for the information and report the results to us after 21 days. When is already 21 days and the airline assume that the luggage has really disappeared or miss then they will compensate us for damages.

5. Buy Travel Insure that include luggage lost and damage

When you not sure about what happen in the future when you travel to other country then I suggest you to buy travel insure and check out on lost and damage luggage is include. When you have claim from airline and airline take respond. After that you can use the evident form that airline give to you for make luggage claim to insure company.

Travelers must check their own luggage throughout in time of forgetfulness or lost items while traveling. Be aware, manageable all the time, be conscious and prepared in advance. Good way before loading the luggage that you should make sure that the luggage make it stand out. Remember to take pictures of the luggage that you bring to the trip and do not place the product far away from you. In order that someone cannot make criminals and pick up luggage from us.

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