Travel by yourself or group tour is good. What kind of excursion is good for you?

Travel by yourself or group tour is the best. When people want to visit and take a vacation during holiday and many people cannot decide what type of trips should be. They are pro can con on both of them but when you want to travel you should look for both of option and benefit that you will get on. Here some example of self tour and group tour that you will be. Self travel is good opportunities that you will get such as

  1. Be free to make decisions and can manage time to travel which place wanna go and stop by. Also can stop as long as you want to stay with taking photos at any point but exchanging with exhaustion because you have to plan and study all the routes by yourselves.
  2. Do not waste time waiting for other person and don’t need to travel according to the program. This trip can be complete and go immediately when you stop by in one place.
  3. Have a chance to meet new friends on the way and enjoy the adventure in a way.
  4. Some points are not popular destinations but we can pioneers.
  5. You may walk and fall in the wrong place but it’s fun and get a good challenging experience.
  6. Have a variety of food to try and get in touch with the lives style of local people fully with absorbing the atmosphere around the sample and easy place.
  7. High flexibility change the plan as you wish. What time do you want to wake up? What time do you return to the hotel? You can do according until you satisfy.
  8. If planning a good trip then the expense prices may be even cheaper than tours. That because you may choose place to sleep like a hostel or air bnb accommodation and try some street food.
  9. But note that if you want to travel and visit on some countries such as Bhutan, North Korea, Tibet, Egypt etc. You cannot travel by yourself.

Group tour you will get as

  1. Convenient stay and easy to relax because the tour is person who manages a plan for everything. You prepare only money, clothes and important documents then get ready to go.
  2. But it’s lack of freedom to travel, eat and shopping because of limited time and unable to stay at the point for a long time.
  3. Tour operators often have connections with various destinations including hotels and restaurants so tour will save more money. In the case of hotel accommodation at the same level are equal luxury and restaurant because the tour make payment with the contract.
  4. You can get to know the history of place that tour go and get deeply through the information provided by the guide. The important things is that guide can speak to foreigners well if you go the the place that not use English for communicate.
  5. There is a shuttle service throughout the trip from the front of the hotel to places that say in the program to visit at various points. Don’t have to walk or wasting time waiting for a public car.
  6. Tour companies mostly are ready for insurance. In case of illness or an accident.
  7. You can control expenses because of the cost of tickets, car fees, eating fees, hotel fees, visits to various places are included in the tour package.
  8. No need to stand for a long time line when visiting most popular tourist destinations because they prepare for tickets and some tours are eligible for special channels can go on a trip quick.

Then whether you choose to travel by yourself or travel with tour company. There are many advantages and disadvantages that depending on the individual’s lifestyle and how convenient are. Before you want to visit or take vacation that you must compare for both style and see with one is the most benefit that you will get from both type.

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