Chiba, Japan

Chiba is provinces that people who want to travel and arrive in east side of Japan. Narita Airport is locate in this province,too. There are two international airport that landing near Tokyo which are Narita International Airport and Haneda International Airport. This area became a passageway for people to visit Kanto area. Now, Chiba became more well known with natural attraction, temples, famous food and more.

Where to go:

1.Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

The old temple is not far from Narita Airport. Built since 64 certified as cultural heritage And is the second most popular temple in Japan to come to make wishes for the New Year’s wishes in the country. It is open daily. The temple is shady and cool. If coming in the morning Will have the opportunity to see the Buddhist ceremony

2. The Fish Market

Anyone wishing to taste the freshest seafood from the Chiba Sea recommends stopping at The Fish, a market place selling seafood. And restaurants that are made from fresh ingredients Every dish comes in a big, big size.

3. Nokogiriyama

Stone mountain that is 1 of the most beautiful viewpoint of Mount Fuji There are cable cars available as well. But if anyone is walking, no matter what But must prepare And put some nice shoes on because the stairs are very high In addition to the viewpoint There are also other places of interest to visit, such as the Hyaku Shaku carvings and the largest stone Buddha statue in Japan. Treatment of various ailments

4. Kasamori Kannon Temple

5. Kamogawa Sea World

Very large aquarium And is the perfect place to bring children and grandchildren Because there are over 800 species of water animals to watch There are both cute And the strange look that we have never seen anywhere before Including a killer whale and dolphin show with a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean

6. Mother Farm

Famous Chiba Farm There are many activities to do, including walking on the dairy farm, sheep farm, fruit garden, flower garden of the season, horse riding, workshops, cooking, eating buffet, etc. For a long time, it’s not boring. Signed with

7. Chiba Urban Monorail

Don’t be wondering why you are invited to come to see the electric train. But this is a hanging head train that has been used since the 1988 Running through many attractions Anyone who wants to feel the difference must come and try. The advantage of making this train is Even if the snow is heavy, it can still be serviced. Different from the normal rail that can be hit by snow and cannot run.

8. Mihama Park

Cultural garden that simulates various nature Come in one place There is a Japanese tea room to sit, watch birds, watch wood. There are many small and large animals.

9. Tokyo German Village

Village that simulates the atmosphere of the fields in Germany. There are flower fields for photography, food and wine to eat. The main highlight here is during the cold season. Because there is a festival of colorful lights decorated With music

10. Sawara

Who likes being Japanese in the Edo period, the Samurai period? Probably like it here Because it is an old town that still maintains the original atmosphere, many have been able to walk inside Anyone wearing a kimono for a walk is definitely guaranteed.

11. Dragon Farm

Big, juicy strawberries It is another famous item of Chiba Prefecture. Which there are many farms Most of them are open for tourists to visit. And can eat without limits. (But don’t take it home). Who doesn’t like to eat strawberries because they are afraid of sour? Come here to try once. Guarantee change of mind.

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