Kad Suan Kaeo Art & Cultural Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand

KAD Suan Kaew Performing Arts Center is purposefully founded to be the center of arts & culture presentation, and performing arts knowledge dissemination. The center consists of Performing Arts & Classical Music School which has been teaching performing arts more than 10 years. The institute provides a holistic knowledge in this field, such as how to design techniques, light, sound, scenes – both on and off the stage, including arts in making a stage play. The school has continuously improved its intensive curriculum to meet the demand of the society nowadays. The course aims to stimulate all learners to have self-confidence, dare to act out, and learn how to socialize by using performing arts as the key. (Anyone interested in this field, please visit for more information.)

Apart from Performing Arts & Classical Music School, inside also has a library, an art gallery, a musical band, a drama troupe, and KAD theater, which was designed with the latest in equipment and facilities. Therefore, the shows are beautifully and impressively performed. There are both Thai and international dramas staged here.

If anyone feels interested in visiting KAD Suan Kaew Performing Arts Center, this attraction is located in KAD Suan Kaew Shopping Centre, the grand department store in the heart of Chiang Mai city, where Lanna culture and modern advanced technology are perfectly blended. The center impresses the customers with high-class service together with Lanna atmosphere. It holds its motto “We don’t want to compete in making sales, but we compete with others in service for the highest benefits of Chiang Mai citizens and visitors.”

This department store is located on 21, Huay Kaew Road, Tambon Sutep, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai, 50200. It is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, please contact +66 5322 4333 – asking for Kad Siin. Fax no. 053210339 or website

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