The King Of Romance – 如朕親臨

The King Of Romance – 如朕親臨
Other name: 여짐친림
Country: Taiwan
Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Release: Dec 13; 2016 Runtime: Saturday
Episode: 17 END
Broadcast: EBC

Cast: Lego Lee, Cindy Yu-Han Lien, Lan Jun Tian, Serena Fang, Ricie Fun

A popular Chinese folklore tells of how the Jade Emperor, the king of gods, expelled the angels Golden Boy and Jade Girl from heaven to the human world. There, they are cursed to a romance that spans seven lives, during which they could never be together. Gao Bing Bing is a modern-day woman who believes she is the reincarnated Jade Girl. When she is reunited with two childhood friends, Wang Zhen and Li Ru Long, can she determine which is her Golden Boy and break the ancient curse?