The Masked Lover – 我的愛情不平凡

The Masked Lover – 我的愛情不平凡
Other name: Wo De Ai Qing Bu Ping Fan
Country: Taiwan
Genre(s): Romance
Release: Mar 26, 2017
Episode: 19 END
Cast: Weber Yang, Mini Tsai, Genie Chen, Shao-hua Long, Chang Fu-chien

A phone call from Taiwan has disrupted Ping-Fan’s quiet life abroad. Her twin sister is in a coma due to a car accident. Suddenly, the simple, kind-hearted Ping-Fan is forced to put on a new identity – a “mob boss”. To become something entirely beyond herself is hard enough, let alone helping her niece search for the biological father she has never met before. When all hope seems to shatter, Ping-Fan met the man who’s willing to lay down his life for her, Le-Chun Ku.

Sought to be a glimpse of hope, Ping-Fan became Le-Chun’s “contracted” wife. Love grows over time. However, Ping-Fan soon discovered that Le-Chun is an undercover cop; her sister’s car accident wasn’t an “accident” after all. How will she overcome the obstacles in front of her? Can she trust the man she loves?

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