Banlek Nai Payai Doikam Project, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Banlek Nai Payai Doikam Project is in Mueang Haeng subdistrict, Wiang Haeng district, Chiang Mai province. The location is regarded as part of the complex of Huay Nam Dang National Park which spreads over the area of 161,850 Rai. The Banlek Nai Payai Doikam Project was founded under the initiation of Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirikit after visiting Doikam. The Queen commanded the establishment of Banlek Nai Payai Project to alleviate drug addiction problems and improve the livelihood of villagers. The Queen also suggests a set of principles known as “3 Aor” – Im (full), Un (warm), and Udomkarn (ideology) – to boost the locals’ income. Since the very beginning, the participants help guarding the borderlines and preventing drug trafficking. The project also educates the villagers on the sustainability and the drawbacks of slash-and-burn farming method.

Moreover, to fulfill the royal command the Department of Agricultural Extension has assigned Chiang Mai Highland Agricultural Extension Center to promote coffee and tea plantations which rely on the shades of the forest, as well as home-grown vegetables in the backyard garden according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy. The project targets at developing self-sustainability of the villagers building a stronger community. The Banlek Nai Payai Doikam Project is considered one of the charming attractions in Chiang Mai that awaits your visit. If interested, please call Chiang Mai Highland Agricultural Extension Center or the Office of Agricultural Extension and Development Region 6 at 0 5321 6203 or 0 5321 6820.

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