Benefits and Values of Black Sticky Rice

“Black sticky rice” is a cereal that Thai people Popularly eaten for a long time Because it gives toughness, oily taste and appetizing taste”

Scientific name: Oryza sativa Linn.
Common name: Black glutinous rice or Black sticky rice
Local name: Central and general called glutinous rice
North and Northeast of Thailand are called Khao Kam.

Ancient Thais believe that Glutinous rice is something that nature gives. Have hot-acting properties Popularly planted in lowland areas with abundant water Or planted in the upland rice fields in the north Glutinous rice has many varieties. But the most popular ones are two types of white glutinous rice And black sticky rice

Glutinous rice has 2 colors, white and black (the northern ones are called “Khao Kam”), but the glutinous rice contains nutrients. That is more useful than white glutinous rice Nutrients that are “OPC” have properties that help slow down aging. And the deterioration of the body OPC passenger found in glutinous rice Is the same substance as the extract obtained From black grapes, red grapes, pine bark

Glutinous rice can be processed into other foods. Most of them are made of sweets, such as Chinese New Year festival. Lent season, make rice porridge, rice ball, fried rice, fried rice, curry rice, sticky rice, pork toast mango and sticky rice Steamed sticky rice with papaya salad etc.

Thai girl in the past Used as a supplement to help nourish the skin to become smoother. By applying sticky rice soaked Mixed with soft gourd leaves, proportion 1 to 1 pound, thoroughly, bring to the face mask Leave the body for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water to help reduce wrinkles, dark spots to fade away.

In addition, glutinous rice also helps to prevent and prevent various diseases, such as helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. That is, in the glutinous rice seeds there are substances “Gamma oryzanol” which can reduce clogged fat in the blood vessels Thereby reducing the risk of heart disease

Helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. (anthocyanin) “found in Thai glutinous rice has the ability to clearly inhibit the growth of lung cancer cells.

Moreover The properties of glutinous rice also help prevent anemia. Because the glutinous rice contains iron that is an important element in the production of red blood cells. Which if the body is not getting enough iron to cause anemia

Therefore, if thinking of food that is beneficial to the body that is worthwhile, glutinous rice is considered the most complete and delicious and quite useful (Thank you article from aehpanasan).

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