Dentist advises 3 ways to take care of teeth health

From the oral and dental health data of the Thai people, it was found that during the beginning of the primary period, there were 3 percent decayed teeth from age 9 months and decayed to 51.7 percent at the age of 3 years and increased to 97.5 percent at the age of 5 years. With school-age children starting to have permanent teeth in the mouth at the age of 12 years, 52.2 percent were dental caries and 50 percent found gingivitis As more than 23 percent of the population aged over 65 years in Asia lost their entire teeth and were expected to reach 38 percent in 2050, reflecting that most people still lack knowledge and understanding. Correct in oral health care

Dr. Walailak Kiatthanakorn, Director of BWDC Dental Clinic Of BDM S Wellness Clinic discusses an overview of oral health problems And the importance of good oral hygiene that “If the eye is the window of the heart The smile would be comparable to the door to friendship and relationships. Because we believe that having a bright smile Will always have the power of happiness and confidence in it Therefore having a healthy mouth and teeth Therefore is an important aspect of having a long life and living a happy life The cause of oral health is the problem. Besides being caused by food consumption such as bakery, candy, candy and high sugar drinks And the lack of understanding of proper oral health care Is another reason that causes Thai people to have oral health problems “by Dr. Walailak added to the oral and dental health care in 3 steps as follows:

  1. Clean the right way to win more than half.
    Proper cleaning is an important foundation of good oral and dental health. By starting, but how to choose toothpaste that should contain fluoride to prevent tooth decay Choose a toothbrush with a rounded tip. Soft bristles Hand grip By brushing time Place the bristles attached to the gums. By tilting the brush to a 45 degree angle with the teeth because the joints in this area are the source of bacteria in the mouth. After that, move the brush slightly. Then rotate the wrist, brush the brush onto the tooth By brushing both inside and outside of the teeth As for the chewing side, rub it along the entire left and right teeth until clean. By brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a tongue cleaner Because bacteria or food scraps embedded in the tongue Is a major cause of bad breath without knowing it Importantly, after brushing your teeth, rinse off only a little, so that fluoride remains fully functional.

2. Use dental floss regularly.
Brushing only the teeth Can not remove plaque and food debris in the teeth niche Therefore need to use dental floss to clean at least once a day to reduce the formation of plaque that causes tooth decay And gingivitis, especially around the teeth and the sides of the teeth that are close together By using dental floss entwined between the teeth to the edge of the gum Or into the gums slightly Hold the dental floss according to the curve of the tooth, gently move the floss. Up and down one by one Without using the method of pressing the floss through the teeth Do not use dental floss severely. Because it can cause bleeding gums to be wound

3. See the dentist regularly.
In addition to cleaning and taking care of your own mouth and teeth It is important to visit the dentist to check for oral and dental health every 6 months. Because the dentist will help look for signs of diseases and problems To prevent and handle and treat immediately before spread

Finally, Dr. Walailak also concluded 5 important principles of oral health care, including “preventive, consistent, clean, safe and appropriate “, which is important to be aware of, because prevention is better than treatment in terms of time. And expenses Which must be accompanied by regularity in oral health care and a dentist’s attention Should choose a place for treatment that is clean, standard and should choose a doctor that is suitable for the age range For example Pediatric dentists who are able to adjust the behavior of children in each age range It is very important to make your child have good oral health and a good attitude towards dentistry. When healthy teeth are good and know how to prevent it will result in good dental and oral health and longevity the best.

Source Information by: Dr. Walailak Kiatthanakorn, Director of BWDC Dental Clinic Of BDM S Wellness Clinic,


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