Trip to Kansai Osaka Uji 9 Days 8 Nights

One of the top tourist destinations is Osaka city and Kansai area. This is the third of most important economic city of Japan. There are many attractions with experience of the nature and beautiful atmosphere. To enjoy the world-class theme park, ancient architecture, dine and shop in the famous district. Many of the ancient architecture around is more than thousands of years old but some of them have new renovate. If anyone has plans to visit Osaka but still do not know where to go then I will selected place to visit in this trip and you can followed. This time I select two difference place to visit and some of them is same place that I been visit before.

Let’s start with …

Buy ticket and pass for visit around Osaka and Kansai area. On this trip I will buy …

  1. Osaka one day Pass
  2. Amazing Osaka Pass for 2 days
  3. Kansai Thru Pass for 3 days
  4. Keihan Railway Pass for 1 day
  5. General train ticket
  6. other ticket.

Kansai Day 1: Starts with Osaka Day

By use Osaka One day pass at subway station and begin the journey around Osaka on shopping area. Place that I visit are Shin Umeda cafeteria Street, Shinsaibashi area, Dotonbori area and American Village.

Kansai Day 2: Uji – Kyoto

This trip I buy one day Keihan Railway pass at Yodoyabashi station. My plan that I make will be visit 5 places are as Uji-bashi bridge, Byodoin Omotesando Road, Byodoin temple, Fushimi-inari and Gion-Shijo.

Kansai Day 3: Wakayama Marina City and Wakayama City

Use Kansai Thru Pass for visit Wakayama Marina City and Wakayama City in one day. The city is south part from Osaka and not far from Kansai International airport.

Kansai Day 4: Osaka

Kansai Day 5: Osaka

Kansai Day 6: Kyoto

From Umeda Station to Kyoto Gion-Shijo station. Travel around Kyoto city for see Japan traditional culture and people wear Kimono as casual dress.

Kansai Day 7: Kobe

Kobe is sea port that important port in Kansai. Many foreign lives in here.

Kansai Day 8: Rinku

Kansai Day 9: Departures from Osaka

I wake up early in the morning and head to Kansai International Airport for my flight at 10.30 am. The fare is covers meals and drinks. I use Vietnam Airline for this trip. This will take about 10 hours 55 mins. back home with one transit.

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