Orchid Garden and Butterfly Farm, Chiang Mai

Orchid Garden and Butterfly Farm are abundant of orchid farms which welcome tourists. Those farms also collect unique and rare orchid species. Inside these gardens, there are various species of ornamental orchid exhibitions for example lotus. However, most of them are orchids which bloom one after another in every season. In each garden, there are awarded orchids displayed for tourists such as Fah Mui, Chang Kra, Khem Saed, Khem Daeng and others. Along this route, there are also butterfly farms. In some farms, there are butterfly breeding houses which are covered with the nets decorated with varieties of plants. There is also an exhibition explaining the life cycle of a butterfly from a larva, pupa and almost fully grown states. Those fully grown are fed with mineral and syrup as they drink and cling into a group. Furthermore, tourists can buy souvenirs in different orchid models such as postcards, gold dipped orchid pin in different patterns.

Sai Numpheung Thai Orchid Museum, located 2 kilometers from Mae Rim – Sameang road, is the biggest orchid garden in Chiang Mai. There are butterfly farm, cats and other animals to see. Apart from the orchid farm, it also has an orchid museum describing the origin of Thai orchids and foreign species orchids.

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