Queenstown Town, New Zealand

Queenstown is a superb resort town located on the South Island of New Zealand. It is surrounded by the Remarkable Mountains on the shores of Lake Vakatipu. That is why the views of Queenstown are as beautiful as the paintings of the mind. Which made Queenstown become the most popular tourist destination in New Zealand Each year, there are about millions of tourists visiting. Whether it is a private trip for couples who like a romantic atmosphere Going out and finding exciting activities to be shared between a group of close friends who love adventure and extreme sports. Including families who want to relax in the atmosphere ฟnd full of beautiful scenery like a dream. Aside from Queenstown, there is a beautiful view as a selling point There are still other things here. Equally interesting Since being a city full of modern restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, shopping areas And seasonal attractions throughout the year And the most important is There are a lot of extreme activities in Queenstown including Bungee jumping, Jet boating, Sky diving, Hiking, Paragliding, Mountain biking etc.

For you who interested and want to visit Queenstown, Newzealand but still can’t decide where to go. I would recommends that in the summer of New Zealand from December to March. The average temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius which is considered a good weather because it is not too cold or too hot and suitable for chilling trips. More importantly, during this period there are also interesting annual festivals such as the Summer Daze Festival held on 31 December until January and join countdown.

In the winter season which start from June until August at Queenstown has an average temperature of 8-13 degrees Celsius. Interesting activities for tourists visiting this period are skiing and snow-related activities. In addition, during this period there are many winter festivals to be enjoyed both in the community and the ski resort which was continuously held for up to 10 days.

Where to go:

1. Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is the famous tourist attraction of Queenstown, which is shaped like a perfect cartoon lightning. The beautiful lake has a coastline that is 212 kilometers wide and has a depth of 379 meters (an average depth of not less than 320 meters). In addition, the specialty of Lake Wakatipu is The cleanliness of the water that scientists have rated here is 99.9% purity and is the second largest lake in the world. In addition, Wakati crab is a cold lake. With an average annual temperature around 10 degrees Celsius.

2. Queenstown Gardens

Queenstown Gardens is located in a small area. Queen’s Bay This lovely garden was founded in 1876 in the form of a beautiful Victorian style garden. That is very popular both from the city and tourists. Especially during the holidays People like to walk here. Some come for a picnic Some come to do the activity because Queenstown Gardens aside from being a large park. The area is still divided into golf courses. Ice rink Skateboarding ground, bowling alley, tennis court etc. and for those who like nature. There are strange trees here. Including the rose garden to be appreciated.

3. Skyline Gondola

To riding the gondola over the Queensland’s sky, it provides an excellent view. On the top, there are coffee shops, restaurants, and gift shops on the roof that offer stunning views. In addition, in terms of activities There are also many tourists to enjoy, including Queenstown Bike Park, Skyline Luge, Ledge Bungy, Ledge Swing and eco-tourism activities called Ziptrek. During the night time, there is also a cultural performance of Maori people.

4. Gibbston Valley

Gibbston Valley is home to the oldest winery. The valley established in the early 1980s. The Gibbston Valley is full of activities and learning resources that attract the majority of tourists to buy tours here. Whether it’s a winery tour and an impressive wine cellar. Importantly, in the summer of every year, there are also large concerts for you to enjoy.

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