Ajanta Caves in India

Ajanta Caves is about 105 km north east and use car ride approximately 2 – 3 hours (World Heritage). In fact, it is a temple in Buddhism. The excavation and carving into the mountain is a group of 30 caves, the first cave is very old, originated around 200 or 150 years ago BC is about 350 or 400 years and expected to build up to. 1200 and was abandoned into a wilderness about 700-800 years until it was discovered again by accident in 1819 by British soldiers hunting. Discover the wonders of the world.

The cave is a Buddhist cave is divided into two parts, the first is a Buddhist or Buddhist Theravada line to Thailand, there are 6 caves are caves 8,9,10,12,13 and 15, which is a cave. The oldest of about 400-600 the rest, then the other 24 caves Mahayana line, many caves, it is a mixture of the original. Mahayana later added.

The obvious difference between Theravada cave and Mahayana cave is that in early Theravada Buddhism, there is no Buddha image, but later Stupa. The Buddha is clear. See the wonders of Indigenous beliefs inside the carved Buddha’s niche is decorated with beautiful statues and stone pagoda. And refurbished From one stone to the ground. The cave walls, over 1,200 years old, are beautiful. Amazing 3D Drawing Techniques Stone statue The mood is different when the light reflected from different angles.

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