The Golden Temple Park in Jindian, China

The Golden Temple Park, or Jindian Park (金殿公园, 金殿公園, Jīndiàn Gōngyuán), is a Taoist bronze-tiled temple that in the past, it was the residence of Wuyang Gui. “Warlord warlords” and Miss Chen Yuan Yuan The palace with a wall and roof made of brass to 380 tons, so the palace is beautiful. View Profile It is called “Golden Palace” is the largest residence in China.

The Golden Temple Park is located on Fengming Mountain in the northeast of Kunming. The entrance fee is RMB 25. The entire scenic area includes Tianmen Ancient Road, Taihe Palace, Taoist temple and tea garden, which is quite worth visiting. Among them, an exhibition by Wu Sangui and Chen Yuanyuan is highly recommended to visit.

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