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Washington Monument in Washington D.C. State, USA

The Washington Monument is a monument that built for honor of George Washington who is first president in the United States of America and located in Washington D.C., USA. The monument made of marble, granite and sandstone with 555 feet high and 5 inches (169 meters). This is the tallest building in Washington D.C. State. The Monument designed by Robert Mills who is the architect in that era in 1848 and was completed until year 1884. It takes up to 36 years to finished this building because the donation has been exhausted and combined with American Civil War.

The Washington Monument officially open for ceremony on October 9, 1888. They use money for the monument about US$1,187,710 dollars.

There are elevators and stairs about 897 steps. Each stone used for build the monument stairs which comes from various places, donations from private organizations and friendly governments of various countries of America. This can be called as an international stone.

Every time I saw in various media then think that is a general pole and not big but when seeing the height of 169 meters which is equal to the building about 56 floors.

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