6 Places must see in Malaysia

From Southeast Asian country to place that people wonder and see the most beautiful architecture building. They also has good views and nature land with nice atmosphere.

1.Putrajaya City is new city that Malaysia move the government and politic system from Kuala Lumpur city to this city and become the federal administrative center of Malaysia. It is situated around 15 miles or 25 kilo meter from south of the capital. They also have official name as Putrajaya Federation territory. The main component of the city is the lake which created by digging for make Putrajaya city be landscape and beautiful city of Malaysia. There are 5 bridges in the city that including Putra Bridge, Seri Perdana Bridge, Seri bakti Bridge, Seri Gemilang Bridge, and Seri Wawasan Bridge. All of five bridges had beautiful designed.

2. Putra Mosque located at Putrajaya of Malaysia. This is a great place to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake. Putra Mosque is most modern Muslim architecture in the world and can accommodate people up to 15,000. It is a good place to watch the beauty of the Vajrayana Bridge as well. Putra Mosque was build near river side during night time you also can see nice view. The Putra Mosque began construction in 1997 to 1999. The front of the mosque has square decorated with state flags of each Malay. This place is free admission and open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am – 12.30 pm, 2 pm – 4 pm, 5.30 pm – 6 pm and Friday from 3 pm – 4 pm, 5.30 pm – 6 pm.

3. Batu Caves (பத்து மலை) located at limestone hill in Gombak, Selangor of Malaysia. This is cave temples with have worship and photography outside of Hindu statues and paintings. Batu Caves has more than 100 years old. The Buddha Khan at Wat Batu is holy place of Hinduism. On the way up the stairs to the cave. There is a statue of Phra Khanom, about 43 meters high. The cave is open from 6:00 am – 21:00 pm. How to visit? Batu Caves is 13 km from north of Kuala Lumpur. You can take Intrakota bus No. 11D from the Central Market or the Cityliner bus No. 69 at Jalan Pudu to get to Batu Caves. Taxis are also available anywhere around city.

4. The Cameron Highlands is a district in Pahang city of Malaysia. Cameron Highlands is a resort and one of the most famous tourism place of Malaysia. The land is about 4,500 feet above sea level. There are many buildings around with a lot of history. Around of Cameron can see tea planted all over the mountain. They have tea factory in this land,too.

5. Lata Iskandar is a waterfall along with the trunk road from Tapah to Cameron Highlands and location is about 25 kilo meter before Ringlet place. When you visit the waterfall that you will feel with very beautiful nature of this land. They still have clear water with fresh air and flow throughout of the year. This is not same as the capital city. Also this place have many activities to do.

6. Petronas Twin Towers are twin skyscrapers located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Twin Towers is the symbol of the skyscraper, too. When you come visit this country then you much see the favorite place for take a photo. It is also the tallest twin tower in the world at 451 meters tall. There have 88 stores on the building and is a shopping complex for shopping, too. The Petronas Building was built in 1993 and was completed in 1998. This can be the history and landmarks of the most modern cities in the world.

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