Learning the concept of “Taboola” when the media business needs to adjust

What is Taboola? The answer is Taboola. It is a tool for advertising in the form of Native Ads. The publisher is a famous website around the world. The famous Thai website that is a partner with Taboola for example. Such as Fresh News, Thai Rath, Matichon, etc. to show results on those websites

What Tabula does? Tabula is data that consumers who use the website to analyze in order to display ads that are relevant to the reader. This is interested and more importantly for make the content and the display ads. So that the quality of the content on the website will not affected.

Tabula have divided into 2 parts together which is the contact with producer website owner various news agencies in bringing appropriate content to present. Each website has different guidelines. To control the quality of the content.

The other part is deals with advertising agencies or brands that want to reach specific consumers. Caused by the analysis of the users of the Tabula To reach an effective target group And create brand awareness more directly than advertising through various social networks.

“Tabula’s income generation model will be caused by a click to read to view the content of both the article and the video that is presented on the website after that there will be a share of revenue for the content producer.

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