Vigeland Sculpture Park

Frogner Park, also known as Vigeland Sculpture Park. Sculptures and carvings of granite Including the casting of human figures with the achievement of Gustav Vickersland The famous sculptor shows the story of the human life cycle. With permission to display the work permanently in this park, take you to take pictures of the park with prominent architecture such as The Main Gate, the iron gate which was built in 1926, The Bridge, 100 meters long bridge Which is filled with 58 bronze statues together, The Fountain, a sculpture of humans and 20 trees that represent the lives of humans and nature, The Monolith, a pole with 121 people, 17 meters high. An innocent child Like a spiral staircase in which humans climb each other To reach the peak of life, and The Wheel of Life, the wheel of life, a symbol of infinity. The birth cycle of the human cycle.

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