Ban Rai Phai Ngam Village in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ban Rai Phai Ngam Village (บ้านไร่ไผ่งาม) is between km.69 to 70 along Chiang Mai-Hot, Amphoe Mae Cham, Chiang Mai. Ban Rai Phai Ngam is one of the villages in Chiang Mai known for its premium quality hand-woven cotton within the village, there is Pa-Da Cotton Textile Museum that exhibits a large collection of cotton fabrics and antique weaving equipment.

The museum is located between KM 69 and 70 along Chiang Mai-Hot route, the village is 1 kilometer further after making a left turn. The entrance to the village is shady due to the long rows of bamboo on both sides, suiting the village name that means ‘the community rich in bamboo’. The group of Ban Rai Phai Ngam village housewives has carried on the techniques of hand weaving and dyeing from natural pigments of leaves and flowers to earn unique colors from Saeng-da Bunsiddhi, the former National Artist for Folkcraft.

The group also continues the creation of Jom Thong hand-woven cotton fabrics which are widely recognized and well renowned. Saeng-da’s house is situated on the bank of Mae Ping River. Nowadays in remembrance of her, the residence has become Pa-Da Cotton Textile Museum and Saeng-da Foundation to portray livelihood of the locals in the old days.

Visitors can appreciate the product samples and observe the whole manufacturing procedures from the beginning to the complete work. The uniqueness of beautifully dyed hand-woven cotton is highly valued and is considered an intellectual property. It undergoes a meticulous and elaborate process ranging from cracking open the boll (seed pod), ginning (or removing seeds from cotton fiber), scotching for fluffy cotton wool, and spinning into very thin yarn. After dyeing and threading on the loom, it is then hand-woven into cotton cloth. Pa-Da Cotton Textile Museum won the Award of Outstanding Performance: Tourist Attraction in 2008, and also gains popularity amongst hand-woven cloth buyers because of its exquisite patterns and new dyeing colors.

For those who would like to see the demonstration on how to manufacture hand-woven cotton fabrics or buy their products, please call 0 5336 1231, email, visit, fax. 0 53 – 361230, or 053 – 273625 for the contact number in Chiang Mai.

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