Rai Chang Khao in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rai Chang Khao is located at 354 Moo.2 Baan Klong Klom, Viang Haeng Sub District, Viang Haeng District, Chiang Mai. Rai Chiang Khao is 150 kilometers far from the central of Chiang Mai which would take three hours driving from the center of the town. The weather here can give you a chill as it is normally 22 degree Celsius all year around. This is because the area lies 750-800 meters above the sea level.

Rai Chang Khao has long time been renowned for its non-chemical agricultural products such as chili and Japanese pumpkin. The business is run by the manager of Rai Chang Khao named Thanawat Ammaramorn. It has been known that this farm cultivates varied kinds of vegetables and fruits such as purple cabbages, sweet oranges, Chokun oranges, etc. Also, more than 800 acres of the area are reserved for the chili planting.

The farm has an experience in planting a variety of chili for over 8 years and we can call them a professional in this field as they can plant chili all year around in every season. Besides, presently, the farm has been developing the cultivated procedures in order to lessen the amount of chemical substances as well as developing the biological way of cultivation. The non-chemical agricultural products produced by Rai Chang Khao have been exporting to the world market especially to the European counties which are one of the strictest countries in checking chemical in imports. The chili produced by Rai Chang Khao passes the European standard which is called ‘Eurepgap’.

Rai Chang Khao is one of the most amazing yet interesting place in Chiang Mai. It is welcoming any visitors everyday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lodging and homestay are provided at the location. For more information, please call: 053-477341 or 081-8141026

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