Baan Pok Village in Chiangmai, Thailand

Baan Pok Village (The Giant Chiangmai) is an upcountry village located in Huay Kaew district. At 1,500 meters above mean sea level, it has a cold climate all year round and is an area rich in forest resources which are utterly suitable for a getaway holiday. Visitors can experience traditional Lanna culture from observing Baan Pok villagers’ way of life, or admire natural attractions along walking trails. Moreover, tourists can pay a visit to 4-tier planting beds on staggered mountain slopes in comfortable temperature. Ban Pok has been given the name ‘100 year-old village’ and is just perfect for cultural-tourism enthusiasts.

Outstanding tourist attractions near Baan Pok include Pha Wiang scenic point from where you can overlook and get a bird’s-eye view of Doi Saket subdistrict and Thep Sadej district. Waterfall fanatics cannot get disappointed in the 500-meter high Song Khwae waterfall whose name originates from its peculiarity of 2 separate streams. As for Ya Chan waterfall, it is 50 meters high only, but its natural beauty remains unimpaired. In addition to attractions, there are several interesting activities to do in Ban Pok. You can pick Miang leaves to cook an indigenous menu known as Saa Bai Miang (Miang leave salad). Coffee lovers may wish to try making coffee and taste freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans grown under Miang trees. Optionally, you can pamper yourself with body massage or herbal steam served by Ban Pok housewives group. Above all, visitors will get to know more about people of Lanna’s culture, their generosity and friendliness from staying over in the community.

For more information, please call Huay Kaew Sub-district Administrative Organization at (053) 036555.

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