Wat Pa Dad Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Pa Dad is the ancient history, was named Wat Don Khao. It is located in Pa Dad sub-district near the road along the west side of Ping River, rather far from the South of Mueang Chiang Mai. However, Phra Khru Palad Payungsuk Theerathammo, an abbot, is widely respected by many businessmen from Bangkok, actors, and actresses, especially the executives, actors and actresses from Channel Three. As a result, the temple is undoubtedly well-cared and looks like new, thank to the continuous patronage from these people.

The whole image hall is made of cement and decorated in Lanna art. Chofah (the gable apex), Bai Raka (the tooth-like ridges on the sloping edges of a gable), and Hang Hong (the lower finial of a gable) are decorated with beautiful delicate gold stucco so as the arch and the window in Lanna style. The gable is also adorned with the pattern of various trees in gold stucco. That is, the image hall is glitteringly gold in every part. Inside the image hall are the principle Buddha image, which is a Lanna style, and two gold pavilions. The mural paintings on the wall involve the principle Buddha images in other important temples in the Northern part of Thailand. The names of the well-known businessman and his wife, Pol. Lt. Gen. Prasert and Mrs. Thipparat Hetrakul, at the gable outside the image hall and the names of the executive of Channel Three and his wife, Mr. Pravit and Mrs. Aranya Maleenont, inside the image hall can be noticed since the two families are the patron for constructing this image hall.

The chedi stands behind the image hall. Its square base is lifted. The Buddha images in the attitude of meditation housed in all four sides of the niches. There are also eight small chedi on its base. The chedi is like a gold bell. The top of it is ornamented with a 7-tiered umbrella. The image hall of Phra Phikanet (Ganesha), situated southward to the royal image hall, is a lifted cement building in Lanna style. The hall inside is entirely painted vermilion red. The Ganesha that houses inside is made of bronze and black oxide. Ganesha’s four arms hold a goad, a noose, his tusk, and a delicacy.

The scripture library is eastward to the image hall of Ganesha, close to the wall at the front of the temple. It is a two-storey cement building. The gable is wood-carved, decorated with stained glass. On the second floor is a wooden gallery, which cannot be entered at present. Although this temple is not so historically important, comparing to other important temples in Mueang Chiang Mai, and most of its buildings are rebuilt, Pa Dad Temple is one of the temples that have gorgeous and exquisite architecture, especially the royal image hall, which is no less beautiful than any other image halls in Chiang Mai.

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