Korat province of Thailand that households hit by water shortage

Source of news by Bangkokpost said that:

About 300 households in three villages in Non Sung district of this northeastern provinces have been hit by a shortage of water for over a week, according to a local media report.

The shortage began on April 12 when water pipes from a local plant of the Provincial Waterworks Authority ran dry.

The water shortage affected about 300 households in three villages – Ban Phoek, Ban Mai Nong Bua and Ban Non Tako – in tambon Lum Khao of Non Sung district.

Turian Kangklang, 55, the owner of a resort at Ban Phoek, said she has been forced to hire a truck to buy water for 200-300 baht per day from elsewhere to fill up the resort’s tank to supply water for her clients.

The shortage has also forced her to close a facility providing coin-operated washing machines, Mrs Turin said.