16 of the auspicious things in Feng Shui decorate on the house

Feng Shui is the art of Chinese belief for many years. This principles is help promote prosperous life in various areas and most people use Feng Shui principles with most homes. Some homes have serious beliefs before building a house. Choose on house style also include the stuff for decorate on the house by use Feng Shui concept. But for some houses may not be convenient to reach that point so they add a fortune instead. What are they?

  1. Gem tree to increase wealth for the owner Causing the money to flow in.
  2. Bark is to bring fortune into the house
  3. Crystal ball in the house will help to promote C power. Even if it’s a globe, then it will make it far. The trade to foreign lands
  4. hatch promote prosperity and wealth to homeowners. Full house gold
  5. Wind chime adjusts the balance of C power And adjust the flow of finance to increase fortune
  6. drums provide auspiciousness in the famous reputation Making the business of work prosperous
  7. fish symbol of abundance Success in the business.
  8. lamp Chinese people consider red lamps as luck. Bring prosperity And success to the landlord
  9. Peacock believes that it will add auspicious side to fortune. And success If it is in the position of the ramp, it will be better Should be set in the living room or office.
  10. Red Swan believes that will bring glory to life. Because the swan is a symbol that indicates a good beginning and high ascendancy, should be placed in the south to enhance the prosperity
  11. Green Dragon is a home decoration that gives a high fortune A symbol of the ascendancy
  12. White Tiger reinforced starred in strength. And symbols of leadership Will help to get respect from those around you who have power
  13. The turtle adds luck and stability in life.
  14. Horses bring good luck. And success Including the spouse with
  15. Chicken is a symbol of untiring zeal and love for the family, so it helps in terms of jobs and trade
  16. Two fishes help in matters of love, family ties there. Happy, loving, harmonious

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