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American Visa Renewal by Mail Program

If you already have a B1/B2, C1, C1/D, F, M, or J visa and would like to renew it by mail, you may qualify to submit your application via mail provided that you meet all of the qualifications listed below. If you do not, click here to request an in-person interview.

If you are applying for a visa type that you have previously been approved for, such as a tourist visa or student visa, you may qualify for an exemption to the interview requirement.

If you can answer “yes” to all of the following questions, you may qualify for our Visa Renewal by Mail Program.

I am renewing a B1/B2, C1, C1/D, F, M or J visa that is currently valid or has expired within the last 12 months (1 year). All other visa classes must make an appointment for an in-person interview.

  • My name, surname, date/month/year of birth, and nationality on my passport match my previous visa. If they do not match, please provide official, government-issued documentation.
  • My 10 fingerprints were scanned at the previous interview.: The U.S. Embassy and Consulate did not start collecting 10 fingerprints until September 1, 2007. If your previous visa was issued before this date, you did not submit 10 fingerprints and are not eligible for this program.
  • I am applying for the same type of visa as my currently valid or prior visa.
  • For F and M renewals, applicants must either (a) continue participation in the same program even if at a different institution; or (b) attend the same institution even if in a different program and the applicants did not use the last visa to attend a high school program.

For J renewals, the SEVIS number matches the prior DS-2019.

For F, M and J renewals, the applicant must be in possession of sufficient funds to meet the individual’s tuition, cost of living, and other financial needs.

For C1/D renewals, applicants must submit company letters confirming employment.

For those under the age of 14, applicants must submit a copy of their birth certificate and a copy of one or both of their parents’ valid B1/B2 visa.

I am applying at the same location where my last visa was issued. The previous visa will state the issuing post in the top-left corner. 7. The most recent visa does not have “Clearance Received” or “Waiver granted” written on it. My most recent visa is in my current passport or it is in my old passport which I will submit with my application via postal mail.

  • I have never been denied entry to the U.S.A.
  • I have not been refused a U.S. visa in the past five years
  • I answered “no” to all of the security and background questions on the DS-160 form

If you do not qualify for an interview exemption, click here to schedule an appointment for an in-person interview.

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