Pu’er Tea Benefit

Pu’er (普洱茶) is a tea planted in the southern part of Yunnan Province. The Pu’er district by the Yee ethnic minority of Yunnan. Pu’er tea is considered a tea Loud and very strong nowadays Comparable to the price of gold Pu’er tea is a fermented tea. The tea is black. It is produced from Yunnan big tea. Whoever drinks this tea for the first time will feel that it has a strong smell and strong flavor. But when drinking for the next time, will feel uneasy to forget Pu’er tea has an ancient method of processing by fermentation in bamboo baskets, woven with banana leaves. Marinated and packed into cubes from the size of the thumb Until the size of the round table, then stored from 1 year 5 years 10 years to 20 years and then sold out

When 2,100 years ago and tea leaves were discovered and tea plantations were initiated later, but Pu’er tea was Has a history of approximately 1,700 years, although many types of tea are available But all these tea Will be classified into 4 major types according to the production method, namely. Non-fermented tea , including green tea, fermented tea throughout the production, including black tea, fermented tea, a period of production including oolong tea, fermented tea for a period of time And can develop aging by curing By itself, including Pu’er tea

The production of mysterious and appealing Pu’er tea is bringing green tea leaves. Dried Then brought through the natural curing process Or that by way of mankind Just over 800 years, the reputation of Pu’er tea Famous throughout the world From the north to the west, Russia to Europe and Arab , east to Japan , south to Malaysia and SiamAbout 150 years ago, a Russian scholar named Tolstoy described the properties of a tea. Which has properties to study and research in the book (WAR & PEACE) that can be drunk It also helps to increase the efficiency of digestion, which is Pu’er tea. Even countries that are reputed to be the roof of the world, such as Tibet, are either high class like Lama or the general public. Has said that “Allowing even not to eat 3 meals but refuse to lack the Pu’er tea for one day.” Tea that has a long history of hundreds of years like Pu’er tea, tea transportation will have Used both to carry and use a chariot to transport tea to a remote location Therefore is the origin of “The walking route of the famous tea chariot” as well.

Not only being known by the general public But part In the daily lives of people as well, other countries have long recognized and drank Pu’er tea, such as in Hong Kong, known as Pu’er tea for more than 100 years. France, Japan, Korea, Germany know more than 50 Taiwan is known for about 30 years and Malaysia for more than 20 years.

How to drink:

  • Bring Pu’er tea leaves about 6-7 grams of tea and took tea with the molding medium (about 200cc)
  • hot water at 100 degrees, heat about 1/2 cup
  • when the tea starts to relax. Then add hot water at a heat of about 90-100 degrees until the glass is full, then observe from the color of the tea, if the color of the tea comes out similar to the color of the liquor XO at any time as a signal The time of drinking tea has begun. The
  • Pu’er tea 6-7 grams can brew 5-6 glasses, but there are people who like to drink until there is no color. There is heat of the tea. Best suited In drinking, it is about 65 degrees. The tea is too hot or too cold, which results in us being unable to touch. Or get to know the taste of tea, real
  • Pu’er Tea no matter what time can drink But the most suitable time to drink Puer teaThat is, from 3 pm until 6 pm because it is the time that the body organs are relaxed And exchange So when the blood of old and new, drink Pu’er tea at this time, the Pu’er tea to performance. As well

The introduction of the Puer tea today is over. Everyone is healthy and longevity.

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