44 Types of Auspicious that Chinese beliefs

44 Types of Auspicious that Chinese beliefs and meaning are following as:

1. The smiling as symbol of wealth, happiness and abundance.
Is a chubby monk, smiling, smiling, belly, with many styles Each post has all the auspicious things that convey richness and happiness. Will receive auspiciousness aimed at fertility with wealth and happiness because he is a rich monk Some people believe that To pray, rub the belly of the Buddha once a day will cause good luck, fulfillment, and have children as graduates

2. Feng Chou Liao, wealthy, aged,

hok means fortune, happiness caused by the fulfillment of the heart of God Male physiognomy with a dignified dress One hand, supporting Yeo Yee, made with jade (scepter,
fulfilled) is a magical thing. Whoever wishes to fulfill anything Or get a fortune according to the request, meaning rich or wealthy.

Lok is a wealthy monk. One hand holds a property account, a list of large debtors. Because of wealth Therefore there are many debtors Another hand holding the son In the hands of the son holding gold And may have a little daughter on the legs In the arms of the daughter, there is a candy flower ornament showing the presence of food. According to the ancient belief that the perfect must have a son. Because the Chinese people hold on to the family If only rich without a son descend It’s useless

Xiu means longevity deities Xiu a man Bald convex forehead, long beard and white hand holding the pipe. Which is heavenly fruit Who has eaten will last long Another hand holding a dragon’s head cane, a mythical creature that lasted ten thousand years On the neck of a walking stick, gourd Inside the gourd containing elixir Above the gourd, there is a “Xi Jue” attached to the master. Jien is the medicine book of angels. Or the textbook elixir of Xiu, with a crane. Hokkien Mi Mi Hok is the chief of the Lok and Xiu, as a family. And Xiu will have a hok That is, must be strong, stand up and rich, so will be happy Hock set in the middle

3. Kwnao as god of honesty, filial piety is the imp of

Guan Yu, formerly known as the city of Teo Yong Feng Kai established six cubits high red lip color, eyebrows eyes turquoise silk with a halberd weapons. Good moral integrity grateful to the people who said that those who think that corruption is underway. When seeing Or make eye contact with the deity Will be ashamed, not daring to think so it is especially suitable for those who have a family under the rule Should be worshiped for prosperity.

4. Ching-yia, the god of fortune Or god of money
It has long been popular with Chinese traders. Because of the power of luck. Fortune, wealth and stability for the worshiper of  Ching Yia is a god wearing a mask. If sculpted as two gods, the full form of the statue will be battled and the bungee body will look fierce. Sometimes stamped on the back of the tiger Or stepping on a tiger Where the hand holds a blackjack The good-looking person has a mustache, believing that the body is giving you debt. Is to help pay debts to the worshipers The debtor did not dare to eccentric. 5. Jok Kong Aokhud Arhat, who likes to give help Is a lively monk Playful look Do not respect vegetarianism But like alcohol His image therefore often had a gravy with liquor and one hand would hold an angel. That is used to blow the stove with a leaf Sometimes carrying one shoe And put on one side, saying that he likes helping people with ability In strange ways unforeseen 6. Zhong Kui or rummage Jeng ‘s catchers is the god of all demons.

Legend has it that he was the master of the demons that God had dreamed of. And let Wu Tao Chu The painter paints a picture of his dream, telling the God of Gaozong. (Father of God Tang Sian) has mercy on the blue dress And organize their funeral Falling down the stairs Due to regret not being able to check the screen Therefore intending to eliminate the devil and evil Therefore, on the 5th day of the fifth month is the release date of the ghost (Tuan Hu Jia) therefore hangs the gods on the walls of the house or being played by you Must have a flaw in the house Or if having to enter the hospital Or where the sick go to recuperate Those places are considered dirty, with many dead people having to have ghosts. Then it is safe to return home healed

7. yin – yang (Tai Chi Chuan with Chelsea)

is half white and half black circle symbol in black with a white spot on a black and white like a fish eye look. Two black and white fish inverted
The meaning for black is Yin – women, darkness, darkness, world, moon, weakness (beautiful) and solitude. White is yang-men, bright white, sky (heaven), sun, strength (strength) and duality. This yin-yang is always a symbol of life that has two sides. Therefore being used as an auspicious power in supplementation Feng Shui and well

8. gourd (or ears Lu)

is the symbol of the god doctor or doctor of medicine.
Chinese people often use hanging in the children’s room. Or elderly Because he believed that the gods had come in the room Making children healthy, not fussing and without phantoms In addition, the gourd fruit is a plant with many seeds, has a long chain and does not end. Equal to ten thousand generations Used to represent auspiciousness for longevity healthy Have children, full of grandchildren, full city

9. Bell (jeng)

Bell is a religious auspicious symbol Means waking and knowing the sound of the bells waking up from being lost in the passions To feel awake And know the true truth There is another belief that bells will bring only good news and auspicious stories. It will also make the enemy knowingly competent as well.

10. Ancient Chinese coins.

Symbol that represents wealth There are plenty of gold Ancient Chinese are considered one of the auspicious properties of ancient treasures. Is a fortune to bring Therefore, often engraved with auspiciousness. on the coin, which means that it has a fortune Or the badge of prosperity

11. Auspicious scepter (Yu-oi) A

symbol of realization Is a high rank machine For the emperor Noble And the Chinese class of adults used to make head rituals. The scepter is a curved shape that comes from the look of the head of Ganoderma lucidum. That the ancient Chinese believed Has properties as an elixir Who has eaten will be immortal And classified as a sacred plant

Yoo Yee may be made of ivory, jade, stone, bamboo and metal. If made with jade, it is called “Ngk Yuyi”. Yat Yooi is also a wonderful thing that Bodhisattva and the gods (Hokkasew) are also considered because Hok is the happiness that comes from fulfilling all things. Therefore believe that this symbol It brings fulfillment to

12. Capricorn (lost or spinach)

Capricorn is a symbol of power and greatness male sovereign nation, the dragon is China’s most important animals. And a sacred god Caused by the characteristics of 5 species of animals. Antler, cow head, snake body, fish scales, hawk feet, but some texts say The dragon is derived from the 9 kinds of animals: antler, camel head, demon eyes, snake neck, giant cockles. Carp fish scales or fish, organic nails or hawks, tiger feet, important bull ears, with a small beard growing out, takes 500 years. If the age of 100 years, the wings will grow again. In the mouth of a Chinese dragon with pearls Which is a magic pearl that expands to small – large, dark – light. Used to show power And greatness The dragon is a god Therefore can fly air Can break the ground water. The use of dragon symbols Whether it is a drawing, a statue, or an adornment of utensils If belonging to the Dragon Emperor, there will be 5 noble nails. There will be 4 nails if ordinary people will have 3 nails only.

According to Chinese mythology, the dragon is the most auspicious animal. Is the king of animals with all scales Is a representation of strength, goodness, intention, perseverance, effort, courage and patience. The Chinese therefore regarded the dragon as the spirit of change. And recover better And the dragon is the leader of the rain of life. The image of the dragon It is especially suitable for those born in the chicken year (Roa), believed to be transformed into a phonix. A close friend to the dragon

13. Swan (recently Huang)

Swan is a symbol of the empress, female beauty and beginning Or having a new life, the
swan is a mythical creature like a dragon and a dragon. The head of the pheasant’s mouth, the mandarin duck, the mandarin duck, the stork’s feathers and the big swan guppy. There are 5 types of poultry: red feathers, purple hairs, yellow hairs and white hairs (or blue geese). The female swans have a red head. Male, green or blue head Vocals Not eating live insects Not pecking green trees Do not fly stray When flying, there will be other birds flying. This bird can understand events on the world. Will appear in a peaceful place only Therefore used as a medium to show the beauty and goodness of 5 things, namely virtue, justice, morality, humanity and truth, including Feng Shui In the sense of a good new start.

14. Kirin (Qi Lin)

symbol of ascendancy, stability and protection against the unfortunate
ghosts, a sacred animal according to legend. Sometimes Chinese people call it “dragon horse” like Phra Aphai Mani of people. Thailand has the characteristics of 5 kinds of auspicious animals, including the dragon head, the unicorn, the deer, the scales like fish, the bull’s tail is considered a sacred animal, when it appears. Means being auspicious Or will be lucky No bad thing And still believe The establishment of Kirin will help filter and eliminate all the bad luck in the past, but to bring good luck.

15. Leo (zhuangyuan site or site)

is an auspicious animal in the ground. Give you the side of the danger from all dangers
Some legend says Sing is not a folk animal in China. But in Africa There are Chinese travelers who like it very much, but can not bring it back. Therefore remember to create images according to imagination With stately elegance Chirp Considered to be the ruler of all wild animals Leo is therefore appreciated. Worshiped from the king to the nobles and popularized the lion in front of important places Such as the palace front, church, temple.

There are some myths that the male and female lion tease each other. Its feathers that fall out of the body together are round balls And later had a small lion from that round We saw a statue of a male lion (Huang Zihua) stepping on a globe or a female ball (Shih Zi Chi) stepping on the ball. The Chinese believed that Establishing a lion in front of the door Or the tip of the head of the pole represents a formidable power, because the lion is a sacred god In particular, the green lion is an animal. Manchusri Maha-Bodhisatta (Bung Choo Pho Sak) in Mahayana Buddhism, so Sing is a symbol of protection against danger. And has the power to eliminate demons To places that are strikingly

16. The three-legged toad pass coins. (Siamsakim, Chim, or Chang Chu) also known as the blue toad Is a lucky animal Auspicious means fortune, money, gold, longevity,
looks like a toad, but has a three-legged mouth. According to legend, The meat is a medicine.

Elixir eats and helps to recover from sickness and immortality. Until having to evacuate to the moon There is a man named Hee Was lucky to have found the Siumu And kept well fed Therefore inspired many luck Who had become poor, became rich. The Chinese believe that the Siumu is a sacred animal. That brought riches fortune and longevity to

17. Deer (Loo or flag)

Deer is a symbol of the god Lok Hong Lok Xiu, which means halved richness
prosperous longevity deer is an animal longevity is. The gray deer is 1,000 years old. The black deer is 1,500 – 200 years old and found that the deer was used in the sacrificial ceremony. For immortality Therefore, the Chinese believe that Picture or deer statue Bring auspicious things to longevity Both in honor, progress, richness and good health. Endless.

18. Dragon Turtle is the symbol of strength, longevity, good health, determination, perseverance leads to progress, stable success, longevity and including wealth enhancement. And protect against the evil.

The dragon turtle is a powerful god Is the highest faith of the Tang Dynasty Genesis King of the Tang Dynasty created a dragon turtle statue in front of the palace. And is a succession of Chinese people Because there is a belief that the dragon turtle is the 8th child of the dragon that came out as a dragon head. According to the meaning, the turtle represents the sustainability, strength, patience and protection of the dragon. The dragon is greatness, goodness, courage, glory. Therefore considered the most auspicious When the two auspicious animals come together Which is the ultimate desire of Chinese people in the past And is reliable until the present.

19. Fish (Hue or Avi)

The symbol of abundance can be profitable. Benefit
Chinese Chaozhou Hue is a synonym that means plenty. Used to represent the auspicious meaning to have many things needed There are leftovers, leftovers, uninterrupted and fortunate if it’s a goldfish. Will mean gold and jade full of houses. If it is a fish, Li Hue or Li Awe means success with the legend that Which fish can he swim to reach the dragon gate at the heavenly mouth? And then jump over to become a “dragon fish” which is a Chinese folklore that The poor can be rich. If being committed and trying like a Li Hue fish Who persevered to swim to the heavenly mouth And use the force to try to survive the dragon door Which will turn into a fish with dignified honor If any fish cannot jump over, it is still the original Li Hue fish. Therefore popularly used Li Hue fish instead of greeting that Wish to succeed in life And have enough

20. Mandarin Duck (Aman Tiang),

symbol of having a happy couple,
natural marriage of mandarin ducks Will always be together in pairs Therefore used to bless the newlyweds to have a happy life and honest to each other Therefore believe that Using the double duck symbol Will be the most auspicious in the matter of fulfillment in

21. The horse (Ma)

symbol represents fastness, instant speed, strength, does not stop at traveling, promotion
Chinese people believe that The arrangement of three horses can solve the rift. Or use eight horse images, eight postures to enhance the prosperity in the commercial business Fast, the horse is also a symbol for blessing the health as well.

22. Pig (Ju)

symbol of the exam. Everything is easy, complete, ready to eat, full, sleep.
Chinese people believe that Greeting using a pig shape Means the test, while the word “Juan” means the wild boar. Means fun Used instead of meaning, very happy Some texts believe that Pork is a symbol of perfection. In the matter of having to eat there, used throughout Eat full, fall asleep comfortably, because every difficult matter will return to a simple matter.

23. Pixia / Chew or Spicy, the

symbol of auspicious auspicious animal Prevent and eliminate bad luck
Looks like a deer-like shape with a wide-eyed bulge, a long tail, short wings, but some have no wings. With brave character, openness, loyalty, honesty with the owner Which the image of PiXiu is a combination of 5 kinds of auspicious animals, 5 elements, which are four feet of a powerful lion (That Thong), with horns and a deer body (water element) with wings of a strong Phaya Nok (element Fire) with the head of a powerful dragon (wood element) with a sacred cat’s tail (earth element).

Therefore is a belief that relates to the image that the foot-mauling of money raises the head against the enemy Open wide mouth to get property Tongue about money Long tail, lucky There is no anal hole. The gold money does not leak. It is said that PiXi is the 7th child of the Heavenly Dragon. Many names Depending on the place to be found, some say “spicy” in heaven. “Chi Chi” is on the human world. “Pecans” is in the ocean But all are classified as gods That brings fortune and removes bad luck Prevent danger Including helping to bring the fortune to float Especially the fortune associated with the job Or occupations that have to risk, believe that Pixia has a lot of power in bringing luck If even more is set to be coupled with “Kirin” With more and more power Those who have established Piacenza should be morally virtuous and will suffer, but if there is a habit of cheating. Morals No moral Will get the opposite effect 24. goat (yi yiang or yi)

A symbol of good luck Prosperity And success Ancient Chinese people praised the goat as a sacred animal, meaning good luck and prosperity. There is a drawing or molding of
three goat patterns , parents, children and the sun. (Saia Khai Egg) Three Goat Pattern Open Door (Saiai Chueang) is considered auspicious and a blessing. Means glory Success has come back. Metaphor like spring Freshness, lush, beautiful back

25. Warren (blunt Zhi W. Bush or Tony d)

the ability to exercise power, courage and justice based on the beliefs of the ancient Chinese believed. White rabbit flock on the moon Has the duty to cook the elixir. Therefore drawing auspicious patterns into 3 rabbits, chasing each other in circles With each one of the rabbits in the middle of the triangle When viewed individually, each rabbit will have two ears. Used to show the auspiciousness of being courageous and fair. If using the “wild rabbit” symbol, it means longevity like a deer.

26. Shrimp (Zia). A

symbol of good luck. Overcome obstacles. It is believed that the bent characteristics of shrimp Make yourself jump far There are no obstacles in the way of a shortcut, so it
means doing anything that works as expected. Can pass all obstacles And good luck in all matters

27. Peanuts (Luohwa Choeng)

is considered a sacred fruit. Which has been dubbed The seeds of sustainability
, peanuts can grow well when underground. With a bunch of seeds like grapes Can be stored for a long time without rotting. Delicious Fragrant and valuable to the body Therefore using peanuts as auspicious symbol Showing the growth Growth and sustainability continuously.

28. Bamboo (Ton Phai or Chu)

Symbol of progress, flexibility, stability, durability, longevity. As the proverb says Hundreds of bamboo trees Life has to progress one step. Geng Jing Chok Po)
Bamboo is a sacred tree. According to the nature of the bamboo Is a very useful wood Easy to grow, grow fast, break fast and give green leaves all year round. In winter, the bamboo trees will not die. And follow the wind Especially the crackling of bamboo in the fire Can be used to repel ghosts (The origin of the firecrackers) and causes a peaceful, peaceful Chinese language. The word “penis” means greeting. Therefore, the bamboo tree is the most sacred tree of blessing. According to the meaning of progress Prosperous forever.

29. Guan Yin Or Guan Yin Bodhisattva as God of generosity Help the sufferers Be blessed by prayer

30. Hoa Ha. One pair of sisters has a magical piece of lotus leaf. The other is holding a round cartridge Is auspicious for love and harmony Which brothers and sisters love each other? Husband and wife strife Employees who work or incongruous location Hoa Ha will be peace

31. peony as wealth noble elegance

32. Elephants are intelligent animals that are considered sacred animals and the strength that helped bring success to

33. Tigers is a powerful god Use to protect the ghosts. And life protection.

34. The chicken on the head means Intelligence in the book The spur on the feet means Brave bravery Female instinct to protect Showing compassion Chinese people used to be auspicious in the matter of job positions And to prevent fire

35. Turtle mean strong longevity, patience

36. Monkey has the high honor of all generations.

37. Dogs is protect property.

38. Sailing as convenience. No danger. And put money into

39. The result discourage eliminate ghosts. And prevent disease, longevity.

40. Chaotic for wealth supports fortune, money, gold

41. fishermen fishing for a lot of profits.

42. cicada immortal resurrection Is a symbol of happiness And young forever Because the cicada is the only insect that has a longevity of seventeen years And is still auspicious instead of taking exams to learn good, success.

43. Eight-way talisman (Por Chai Kuai), used to solve bad feng shui Bad luck and protection.

44 leaves for happy, peaceful dispel evil.

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