6 Techniques for Trading like Chinese

Six Techniques for Trading like Chinese are as:

1. Make friends before doing business later
Chinese people like to talk a little and become familiar before starting to trade with anyone. They may take a long time to observe other people before doing big business. But doing this creates a good relationship And tend to be more long-lasting than doing business In the western style, try to make others feel your friendliness. And your business relationship will be smoother

2. Smiling
Smiling is the best way to show friendliness among strangers, to make a serious look or frown. Will make your relationship go wrong Chinese people use smiles as a defense mechanism. They smile when feeling uncomfortable or frightened. While some Westerners Might look at giggling as inappropriate In China, it is a tool for socializing of people at all levels. But you will look more friendly And have a great influence on people With your smile, so don’t forget your smile

3. Speak slowly
American people like to speak quickly. As a result, they make the listener bored. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your ideas are. If you do not communicate in a way that others will understand Chinese people are often seen as impolite to ask others to repeat. If they don’t understand you They will just sit there. And seems understandable And let your thoughts go through. Speaking slowly and clearly is necessary if you want to communicate your thoughts And make sure that others listen to it understandably

4. Don’t be too much friendly.
In Western countries, always focus on equality. But Chinese people are mainly focused on senior principles. This is to honor others and create a sense of optimism That will make the business image bond more smoothly

5. Reward or gift
Chinese people prefer giving gifts on various occasions. Which not only makes the recipient happy Also creating credibility, respect for the giver as well Which, when acceptance occurs No matter what you do, it will not be difficult to find support from others. So it is not difficult for us to succeed Regardless of whether they are lower or higher

6. Live a simple life
It is common for those who are rich in money. Which would like to make himself more comfortable Whether it is food, good eating or buying expensive luxury goods But for Chinese people To make an extravagant luxury is more suffering than happiness Because he had to be careful not to steal those belongings Or there may be people who do not like their self-esteem The best way is to be lower than your position. Or live a simple life Just stay comfortable Without the need for expensive items But saving them for future benefits is better The key is Posing like this Will be loved and not to create disaffection against peers with.

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