DraganPass and Benefit about Dragonpass

Dradonpass Founded in October 17, 2005 and establish in Guangzhou of China.

Subsidiary: Dragonpass International Ltd.

DragonPass is the world 1st all-in-one Digital airport platform that offers all travelers the ability to locate and access 900+ Airport Lounge, enjoy Restaurants discount.

What is DragonPass? DragonPass is a one stop premium airport service provider where members can enjoy airport lounge access, enjoy dining discount in participating outlets and reserve Meet & Greet and Limousine service to enjoy a wholesome airport experience.

This is a “no membership” plan that means you can get the walk-in rates for lounges, with no added benefits. Classic: $99 USD includes 1 free lounge visit, and unlimited Member and Guest entry at $31/per person.

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