Feng Shui term and meaning

‘Feng’ is wind or moving air.

‘Shui’ is water.

Feng Shui is an eco-social science that enhances human well-being and prosperity.

We are studying Feng-Shui is notion in various meanings such as:

  • The study in natural, environment, and site location. (Praparsarnond 2005)
  • Feng Shui is the Chinese knowledge that realizes on nature and environment especially wind and water. (Yiamwattana 2005)
  • The knowledge is about wind and water. (Chokemankalachaichana 2003)
  • The knowledge to live in harmony with the environment. (Thongtaab 2001)
  • The art and science of living in harmony with your living space. Especially, Feng Shui seek to harness nature’s positive force and correct the negative ones
  • with the intention of promoting better health, wealth, and relationship. (Moran
  • 2002)
  • The knowledge of the Chinese Environmental Science. (Hale 2002)
  • Feng Shui is an art of living with nature. (Porter 1995)

The aims of Feng Shui response to both physical and psychological needs which can be presented by the theory of five needs. In other words, the physical section is the basic need for people to survive. Thus, the ancient Chinese Feng Shui notion is the ‘key’ to guard against harm and other people threats.

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