Terminology of House Division Detail

According to the astrologers, there are four signs in each horoscope that play a very important role.

  • The point that rises at the eastern horizon is termed the Ascendant (Asc).
  • The point that sets in the western horizon is termed the Descendant (Desc).
  • Right in between them, is the Medium Caeli (MC), or literally the point “in the middle of the heavens”.
  • The counterpart of the MC under the Horizon is the Imum Caeli (IC) or the “lowest part of the heavens”.

At any moment, these four points will each reside in a sign and the sign is given the corresponding term. For example, if the Ascendant is in the sign Aries, then we say that Aries is the Ascendant. The Asc, MC, Desc and IC form the basic corners of house division, and divide the sky into four sectors. These four sectors are then trisected, creating twelve sectors which are the houses.