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Dak-galbi is the most famous Korea Food

Dak-galbi or Fried Chicken with Spicy Korean Sauce. It’s one of the most popular Korean menus. At present, this menu became famous. If you come to Korea then try to taste the original style once. For the ingredients and how to cook it. Bring chicken pieces to mix with the ingredients such as sweet potatoes, cabbage, perilla leaves, scallions, tteok, and other then add the tapioca or hot steamed rice.

  • Typically, Dak Galbi is cooked and served in a large round cast iron pan at a restaurant. And I personally think it is essential that you eat it this way because it tastes so much better! Trust me! I use this cast iron skillet (12 inch) for my cooking and it’s just perfect. But you could also use a cast iron wok instead.
  • I love cooking Dak Galbi at the table (over the portable gas burner) so that we can eat it as things get ready. Typically, the cabbage and rice cakes cook the fastest and the sweet potato the last. If you were to wait until everything cooks then somethings could over cook as a result.
  • Prepare some lettuce, perilla leaves, sliced garlic, ssamjang (spicy dipping sauce) to make a wrap just like you would with other Korean BBQ.
  • When you are nearly finished the meal (make sure you leave some meat, vegetables and the sauce in the skillet), you can add some (cooked) udon noodles or rice and stir fry them. I typically use 1 cup of steamed rice, some chopped Kimchi, a dash of sesame oil and some shredded seasoned seaweed. Some restaurants also crack an egg over the rice but I personally prefer without it. Also I/The restaurant don’t/doesn’t normally add additional sauce to cook the noodles or rice.

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