Walk as exercise in the right way to say goodbye the calories

Are you fatter? This greeting to shaking up that many young people would like to say that. Fat is not a greeting. When returning home to see at the mirror and see limbs. I will exercise my body and look at them and say that I’m skinny. If you count then don’t know how much the rounds are like that. Don’t just lose your mind. We understand that with each person’s obligation that there is no time to exercise. Today, we have a good calorie burning way that doesn’t take much time but something that we do in daily lives will be best.

know that? Walking only 30 minutes a day will helps you burn about 120-170 calories. But if you want to say goodbye. This is not that we walk properly.

  1. Brisk walk
    Slow walk or Brisk walk can not help burn a lot of calories. Effective on walking that you “Have to walk until you tired.” Therefore when you walk, you should walk fast. Foot step frequently will help you burn calories from leg muscles and hips. In addition, fast walking can stimulates the body’s work especially your the heart system and Blood vessels.

2. Swinging your arms
Swinging your arms will help the lymph nodes to improve circulation. Causing toxins and waste from the body. How to swing arms that should swing to the front and swing back and forth. By swinging with legs will move forward, too. If you do correctly will help reduce the accumulation of fat under the skin and abdomen. Plus swinging arms will help to manage the shoulder area and make you relieve shoulder pain from working in front of use computer for long time.

3. Walk and run
Some people who want to get healthy by walking alone that may not feel tired enough. Being unable to feel tired shows that it doesn’t work so we may be over-running. To help your increase on heart function will do something such as walking 40 steps, running 40 steps then gradually reducing the number of walks and increasing the number of runs continuous. It is recommended to do during the evening that better than in the morning. Otherwise, you will probably stink your sweat all day.

4. Walk up the stairs instead of the elevator.
Believe that getting up to the stairs for about 15 minutes will burn up to 150 calories per time. Ladder is an aerobic exercise that helps to strengthen your heart. Strengthen the thigh muscles will calves and buttocks are strong. If going up to another floor that is not too far away then changed to walk up to the stairs then will become a better habit also can burn both fat and save energy.

5. Slowly stop when near the destination
Because you walked quickly and stop immediately that may cause the system in your body by stop working too suddenly. The muscles may be get injured so before your walk that should have a relaxed distance by slowly walking slowly when you approaching to the destination. This may use stretching like a cool down after you do exercise. This will allow different systems in the body and adjusting to reduce their work to normal conditions. For gradually stopping walking is very important especially as older people who often have problems with the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Its not difficult to burn the fat but just right move is equal to exercising. Only we have to add a step and move to the right way by a little to be effective.


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