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What is a Green Card? Know more about it.

Green Card is officially named Permanent Resident Card, which in the past was a light green card. So people call it green card. But later changed to red, white and blue, and recently changed to pink. But people still call that green card.

Green Card is a US Government issued ID card for residents who have been granted a residence permit. They work permanently in the United States and can enter America without a visa. The conclusion is that the certificate is in the United States and works legally but not as an American citizen.

Green Card have 2 types as: 

  1. The Green Card is valid for 2 years. This green card category is for people who request a green card by marrying a US citizen. If the couple is still in love or have a chance to live with the right not to be illegal. It will be change to a permanent green card.
  2. Green Card renewed every 10 years, both green card holders have the same rights and responsibilities. The difference between the two green cards is only a few green cards with conditions. Expires within 2 years. I have a permanent green card for 10 years.

Advantages of Green Card

  • Green card holders can stay in the US as legally indefinitely.
  • Can work in America legally. Except for certain job positions reserved for those who are citizens.
  • Have the right to apply for American Citizenship later.
  • Get legal protection from US authorities. National state and local laws.
  • Can vote in local elections. Only elections for US citizens.

Green Card Disadvantage

  • Will have to pay taxes to the American government. No matter what country you have income tax in the world.
  • Green card holders must be in the US. Can not leave the United States for more than 6 months.

Responsibilities for green card

  • Must comply with the US legal framework. National, state and local laws.
  • must support democratic principles. And do not do anything to overthrow the government with illegal means.
  • If a male is 18-25 years old, he must report for military service.
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