Meat Effect if you eat to much

Most people in the world don’t know the benefits of vegetarianism. They only think that meat is the best nutrition and enjoy the greatest stomach. They don’t know that meat is the biggest source of illness.

The countries with the most meat production, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand; the society is to eat roast beef and mutton. The percentage of cancer and heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral congestion, gallstones, kidney stones, hardening of the arteries in these countries is much higher than in countries with less meat. Among them, New Zealand’s cancer and heart disease syndrome, the death rate is the highest in the world; because New Zealand is rich in fat sheep, lamb is too cheap!

Australia and Canada are rich in beef cattle, and almost every household eats roast beef every day. Canadian chicken, cheap and good, fried chicken legs is the cheapest, you can buy a box with more money. The ratio of heart disease to cancer patients in these two countries is second only to New Zealand.

The disparity between the rich and the poor in the American society and the record of eating meat are slightly inferior to those of New Zealand, Australia and Canada. However, Americans eat meat more than the rest of the world. Heart disease has become the number one killer of the United States, and cancer ranks second. Among them, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and blood cancer are the most common. Most of these terrible diseases are caused by excessive meat and alcohol.

The most affluent society in the East is Japan and Taiwan. Japanese people love sashimi, live shrimp and barbecue. Therefore, the ratio of heart disease to intestinal cancer has also become the crown of Asia. Taiwanese society values ​​eating and drinking, and the consumption of meat and seafood may far exceed that of Japanese. The ratio of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, etc., also rises linearly with the prosperity of society.

In the poor Chinese mainland, farmers who have been hungry for many years are desperately trying to slaughter pigs. All of them have been exploiting the people and extracting the people’s production results. They have always eaten and drank. According to UN data, the prevalence of heart disease and cancer in the mainland is also rising sharply, forming a very strange contrast: the poorest rural people on the mainland, who suffer from laryngeal cancer, because they do not eat fresh meat, every day Only eat bacon and pickles. In areas with more meat, there are more people with intestinal cancer, because they are reluctant to abandon lard, duck oil, and chicken oil, and use it for cooking. These animal oils, after being fried at high temperatures, produce carcinogens that cause bowel cancer. There are many people with throat cancer in rural areas in Henan. There are many heart disease, intestinal cancer and high blood pressure in Xinjiang. This is the best example of the close relationship between diet and cancer.

Whether it is in Europe, America or Asia, overeating is a common problem. Almost everyone is desperately greedy to enjoy too much meat, and accelerates themselves to the path of disease death without knowing it. Big fish, big meat, mountain and seafood, roast chicken roast duck, accompanied by good wine, these life enjoyment, in fact, is suicide.

Too much cholesterol animal fat, animal protein, can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral congestion, gallstones, and various cancers, which have been confirmed by modern medicine. Drinking too much alcohol can cause liver cancer, and smoking too much smoke causes lung cancer. It is also an indisputable fact. Modern medical scientists are eager to persuade the world, but the world rarely hears. Some people say: “If you eat meat and die, you will die if you don’t eat meat. Anyway, you will die. Why not enjoy it?”

It sounds reasonable, but it is not. why? It is a well-known fact that most meat eaters live shorter than vegetarians. Canada and the United States, although developed due to medical science, make the average life expectancy longer than that of backward countries. However, at most it is only sixty or seventy years old, and there are very few one hundred and twenty years old. However, the poor Hunza ethnic group in the mountains of Pakistan and Pamir, the poor people in the high mountains of the Andes in South America, and the poor mountain people in the Soviet Wulashan faction have an average life expectancy of over 100 years. The young man is more than one hundred and ten years old and lives with his grandfather. These poor mountain people are not hunting people, but farming people. They usually eat jade and wild vegetables. They raise sheep to drink goat milk and are not willing to kill sheep. They worked in the mountains all year round, no meat, no enjoyment, and they became famous longevity people!


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