Compare WeChat vs. Weibo will invade in China

In parallel Only have some differences And depending on our product type Where are you? From the information of China internet watch stated that

Weibo has a very similar proportion of male and female users in the previous 2017 report. Divided into 56.3% men, 43.7% women and more than 80% of the users are from people who are younger than 30 years old. Therefore, the product that will be used to review on Weibo should be a group that focuses on teenagers or Gen-Y, Z type, fashion style etc.

WeChat has a wide range of usage over the age range. According to Chinainternetwatch data, in 2017, there were 600 million users of WeChat every day or more, or could say that each day there are over 40% of WeChat users. From the whole of China

For the maximum age of WeChat users, it is a group of people aged 50-80, which the Chinese population in that age has reached 98.5% of the entire country. Therefore, it can be concluded that in China, Weibo is aimed at teenagers and about the fashion style Leipzig, while WeChat has the highest middle-aged and elderly groups in China.

In line with the O2O business

Both apps have a number of examples that are applied to the O2O business or the combination of offline and online.

For example, designing a food ordering service online via WeChat or Weibo that is the official account of that store General products at this time The key is easy to use and WeChat’s case can also be paid through the online wallet with WeChat Pay.

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