History of Meditation Chapter 3

The Zen of China is an inexperienced method of ignoring orders. If it involves methods of meditation or meditation, such as the concept of numeracy, ignorance, karma, and corpse, it may be regarded as a gradual approach. However, people who can not become fake and can realize the Buddha become too few, after all, from the enlightenment of the Zen ancestors, most of them can get a “entry” after years of practice. Sex), after opening a line or even a moment of wisdom, only to visit the Master, to verify whether their views are correct, if so, to what extent? Ask for a transfer, licking the eye mask, and dialing the guidelines, in order to further improve the level, and then the building is hidden in the waterside forest or deep mountain caves, long-term holy tires. And Dawu thoroughly, clear skies, and “the day is a good day”, and then return to the world, Purdue has sentient beings. However, in today’s society, how many people are willing to spend decades on this big event and follow this path? Where is the Master who can give guidance to those who have already gotten into the place?

  Therefore, I believe that the practice of learning for decades has divided the course of practice into a three-stage process to complete the three levels of progress, so that the meditator can achieve the goal he can achieve in a short time.

  First, the stage of concentration, divided into two categories:

  1. For the sake of physical health and mental stability: teach them to do some soft fitness exercises, and then completely relax the muscles and nerves of the whole body. Not limited to a certain posture, can sit, stand, feasible, can be lying, such as sitting in a sitting position can take any double disc, single disc, loose disc, and even can sit squat, cross crane, and two feet on the chair Sitting in danger. Teach them a way to concentrate, usually by counting and sometimes using other methods, so that they receive a little bit of the heart that is scattered outside, and also concentrate the messy thoughts on one point of the method. This can reduce physical and mental stress, and also provide a soothing and smooth room for the circulatory system and nervous system. Therefore, it has significant therapeutic functions for chronic physical and mental diseases, but I often emphasize that “Zen Qi is In order to heal the disease, there is to exercise the body and mind.” Sitting still can have the function of curing diseases, but you can’t just rely on Zen. In fact, people who are physically and mentally ill should not participate in Jingjin.

  2, in order to exercise the mind and body: meditation can practice, because of the reason for refining the heart. Refining the heart must also overcome the three obstacles of pain, numbness and acidity on the body. Therefore, in addition to regular legging and various methods of exercise, the correctness of sitting posture is strictly required, especially the leg strength is required to accept the leg. Pain, hemp, and acid in the back and back. The basic method is to use the number of interest to gather the center to read, usually counts the number of income, if necessary, can count the income, when the heart is too scattered, you can use the countdown, or the countdown, etc., the number of interest can be set, you can forget the body and mind. If you can’t count the pain, focus on the painful feelings, and make the painful view become localized. Then you can become objective. As a result, the pain is extremely extreme. It is not because the pain is cold, but because of the heart. I missed the pain and felt the pain. At this time, I felt comfortable, relaxed, and happy. I was full of joy, forgot my time, and sitting for hours, it was just like a blink of an eye. Therefore, during the Zen Seven, I used this method. The Zen people who exercise lightly, even if they can’t get the feeling of lightness and so on by accepting leg pain, can also weaken the weak will, and the temperamental temperament will be steady, and those who lack self-control and self-confidence will have self-control. And self-confidence.

  Second, the stage of unification of mind is divided into two layers:

  1, physical and mental unity: using the number of interest method, count to no number, do not feel that there is no breathing, just feel a relaxed, comfortable, no longer have a heavy sense of body or cumbersome, it will not think of the body Existence or not, but for everything in the surrounding environment, it is clearly felt, seen, heard and smelled, but the state of mind is unmoved.

  2. Internal and external reunification, divided into two major stages:

  1 From the heart of the heart, from the selfishness of the body and mind, the selfishness is liberated. Everything outside the body is a part of oneself. All things are their own, everyone, every being, every A tree, every stem of grass, every leaf, and even every drop of water, every sand, seems to be the limbs of one’s body or the skin, cells, blood and hair of one’s body. Therefore, for everything outside the body, a feeling of beauty, serenity, tranquility, and harmony is produced, and then the feelings of sorrow and sorrow, and the feelings of the people and the people are born.

  2 The realm of unity of mind and body, suddenly caused by thoughts or a sentence, a voice, lost the feeling of body and mind, but also the environment of the body, only feel a clear, exquisite, quiet and infinite existence. Or just think that it is a wonderful, unparalleled, incomparable, innocent and innocent existence. Or just think that you are an infinitely beautiful sound, it comes from infinite ancient, but full of infinite space, or just feel the existence of the three sides of the three sides, no borders, no shadow, no light No sound. Or just feel that you have been completely freed, no time, no space, beyond time and space, and beyond existence. It is a pity that there is still a feeling of great liberation beyond the existence, so it is not really relieved.

  Third, the stage of the emptiness of the void:

  The average philosopher, religious person, artist, etc. can only reach the first level of “unification of mind and mind”, and at most, it will not exceed the “1” level of “unification of internal and external”. Among the major religions and philosophies in the world, some masters of Hinduism and Laozi of China have reached a certain level or the highest level of the “2” level of “unification of internal and external”, but they are still not free.

  The method of Zen can transcend the limits set by the world.

  When the Zen people practice a certain kind of observation and determine that they have concentrated their minds on the degree of physical and mental unity, they can teach the referendum and find the way to talk, and use the method of meditation to make the practitioners speak up, stir up doubts, form Suspects, all the practitioners put their mind and body into it, boring in a big suspicion, sitting and ginsing, walking, waking, ginseng, sleeping, ginseng, diet, ginseng, toilet, ginseng, silky, dense, water splash If you don’t enter, the wind will not blow in, and it will be called a piece of work. Once the bottom of the black paint bucket fell off, the doubts disappeared, the mountains and rivers fell, and the infinite void was shattered. There was no birth or death. At this time, I found that my previous troubles were persistent, but it was a dream, and even a hard practice. It was also an extra attachment. Because of the local scenery, nothing happened.

  However, the maintenance of such a realm depends on the individual’s good roots and the depth of his skill. He realizes that people who are completely no longer lost are as rare as they are. After decades of practice and enlightenment, the skill is naturally deeper. After a big realization, you can maintain it for a long time. If you continue to improve, you can still stay up to the end, still can not be upset, not greedy, free and easy. comfortable. If you only start working hard at the beginning of the first seven, even if you open your mind in the seventh period, you may only be able to maintain it for a few minutes. After a few hours, you will gradually lose back and return to the original state of mind. People who have had a heart-opening, even a short moment of a flash of light, have been much better than those who have never opened their eyes.

  I used four sentences to explain the level of Zen: 1 Cheng Cheng Zhan Zhan. 2 light and sound unlimited. 3 an enlightenment. 4 The emptiness of the void, apparently, the first three environments are non-sexual, and have not yet reached the level of no thought, but there will be joy that has never been there, and there is a phenomenon of crying and crying, and there is also a sadness, crying or laughing. The phenomenon, after laughing and crying, the body and mind will feel the implementation of light, relieved, and the temperament may change. Although it is not visible, it is a good phenomenon. The fourth environment begins with visibility, no distinction, only natural reflection of wisdom.

  Since I use this level to guide the practice exactly, I can really listen to my guidance and be absolutely confident in the way I teach, for a person who comes to fight seven. Coupled with his own perennial, he has a deep connection with the Buddha, and he will be able to gain great benefits. In the seventh day, he will progress from the first stage to the third stage.

  However, it is so easy to have absolute confidence in a completely stranger. For a person who has just contacted Buddhism or has never received meditation training, it is also difficult to ask him to lose the past and not think about the future.

  (From “The Zen Doors”, excerpts “Preface – Dreams of Dream People”)

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