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Hong Kong General Information

In Hong Kong it is divided into 4 major areas.

  1. Kowloon District
  2. Hong Kong Island
  3. New Territories
  4. Outer islands

Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Jordan. The area is rich with hotels and shopping. Just like the bustling mahogany, another bustling shopping district of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island is centered around the Victoria Harbor. Major business areas include: The “Central District”, east of the central district, is a major trading district, in the Wan Chai district, a popular dining and nightlife district. Causeway Bay is the busiest shopping area in Hong Kong Island. Also on the island is Hong Kong Peak, the peak of the island. Visitors can see the scenery and residential areas in the city.

New Territories is located on the mainland north of Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong Island itself is located on the south side of the bay, in contrast to Kowloon.

The outer islands represent more than 200 islands around the island of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is in a semi-tropical zone. Visitors can visit through out the year.

  • Spring (March – mid May) temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius. Temperature and humidity rise. Clothing recommends to prepare a jacket or sweater. Do not be too thick.
  • Summer (late May – mid September), temperature is about 28 degrees. May have some rain. Make sure you have a cotton shirt and umbrella when you leave the building.
  • The fall (late September – early December) is about 23 degrees Celsius. During this period, the temperature and humidity are reduced. Clear sky Should prepare a shirt. Swarovski and a thin jacket with.
  • Winter (late December – February) temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius cold and low humidity. Should wear a sweater. Overcoat

There are many local languages. Chinese Mandarin or Mandarin is the official language. People in Hong Kong can communicate in English. However, taxi drivers and other service providers have little knowledge of English.

The Hong Kong dollars. Approximate exchange rate of HK $ 1 = US $ 4.5. It can be redeemed at commercial banks in general. And at the airport counter exchange.

Electrical system
Hong Kong is a 220 V. (Like Thailand). Each plug in the hotel will vary. Most of the plugs are three-pronged. So you have an electrical appliance like a video camera, cell phone. Hair dryers should have plugs available around the world. For your convenience please be prepared. Film, battery to sufficiently from Thailand.

Phone System
Mobile phones can be used in Hong Kong. You must activate IR (INTERNATIONAL ROAMING). With your phone system before departure. For convenience, you should use a calling card that is sold in hotels. Turn dial 001-66-2 (2-Bangkok / 38- Chonburi / 53- Chiang Mai) followed by home phone number, mobile number 001-66-1 (prefix number Of mobile phones) followed by mobile phone numbers.

Cantonese cuisine is Hong Kong’s favorite food. Hong Kong has many local Chinese cuisines. The food is from all over Asia. Or food from the West.
Important festival

  • Hong Kong Winter Festival: Hong Kong Winter Festival or Hong Kong Winter Festival is a wonderful Christmas celebration. Special events for couples and families. And the gift is. Happy winter holidays. The shops and restaurants. Discounts and special offers for tourists.
  • Lunar New Year Festival: Lunar New Year Festival is the most important festival. The flower market. Spectacular fireworks display Beautiful light show And special sports events. The first day of the Chinese New Year. It starts with a night parade. The band consists of marching bands, artists and performers.

Attractions in Kowloon District, Hong Kong Island, New Territories and Outer islands as:

  • Victoria Peak
  • Ladies Market
  • Ripley Bay
  • Avenue of Stars
  • Clock tower
  • Golden Boholic Square
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Wat Sikh Yuan Wong Tai Sin
  • Temple Street

Shopping list that can be purchase as Clothing and leather goods and brand names, Jewelery and Watches, Cosmetic Products, Computer Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies
Toys, Product of dried sea ginseng and antler, Work Crafts (Handicrafts) and Chinese Assorted Cakes.

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