How To Breathe and start Meditation?

HOW TO READ THIS simple part is as follows: 1. Sit in a quiet place (if there is no condition in a quiet place, choose the hidden corner, do not have loud music or music) relax your whole body, do not brace people, relax.

For the first 2 minutes, just note the breath in and out. If the mind goes elsewhere, gently bring your mind back to your breath.

The next day, this time increased to 5-10 minutes. Notice, the more time for the mind to settle in the breath, the more wonderful things will happen, the more benefits 3.

Take a deep breath to the abdomen, belly bulge, visualize in Bach Hoi grave (the top of the head) has iridescent light (the color you like and feels the best)

This energy flow goes inside, goes down the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, spreads down to 2 legs.

Visualize this flow of energy as the superior flow of energy coming, purify your body there, refresh, and pat every part of your body.

Breathe out, visualize all pollution coming out in the air, feeling grateful to the ball, grateful to everyone and everything, feeling loved.

Breathing in and out 3-4 times is enough for 1 time (1 process) is short. In the evening there is time, you can practice more time to purify more.

This method not only helps to remove dirt, pollution, and toxins, but also helps you to gradually raise a higher energy frequency, staying at these higher frequencies, healthy, intelligent, and sewing people. Luckier, and better life, relationships become more harmonious.

Knowing without doing is a big waste. Let’s practice it.

Additional information:

People with acne / melasma are due to toxins in the body but go deeper, because:

  • Men with weak kidney disease (due to male toxins are mainly excreted through the urine) . If the kidney is weak, do not excrete the lower sugar, it will be pushed to the face or armpit (bad breath) …
  • The female menstruation is not even white blood (due to female toxins mainly discharged through menstruation … ). If the menstrual period is not blocked, it will push up on the face or under the armpit (under the armpit)