Is Vegetarian are not suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure?

My answer is: Yes, yes. However, the situation is much less than that of people who eat meat. This is the statistics of modern medicine and it is an indisputable fact. Second, some diseases are inherited, some are too late for vegetarians, and some are not vegetarian. For example, there is a mage who eats mushrooms every day and finally suffers from diabetes. There is a layman who has been vegetarian for decades. He only eats pickles every day and suffers from heart disease and high blood pressure.

Therefore, vegetarians must eat early and eat properly. It is best to start eating vegetarianally from childhood and eat properly. Which vegetarian diet is the most nutritious? Please refer to the nutrition list of the book “New Vegetarian, Health, Longevity” published by Tianhua Company. You will know how to eat vegetarian dishes.

Some people say: “If people don’t eat animals, animals will multiply too much and threaten human survival.” This is also a paradox! At the beginning of the ancient times, human beings have not yet appeared. There are many animals on the earth. They are more than today, and they have not taken up every inch of land and coast of the earth! For example, dolphins appear earlier than humans and fail to eat sea fish! Some radical fishermen in Japan blamed the dolphins for eating sea fish. They slaughtered the grounds for this reason. Thousands of dolphins were murdered on the beach, bloody! This inhuman evil is only caused by the bloodthirsty madness of this group of people. They will eat their own evils in the world and in the future!

In fact, the biological world has a natural reproductive control instinct that does not need to be killed by humans or lions. For example, in the winter of 1920, the weather in the Yellowstone National Park in the United States was particularly harsh. The grasses were frozen and the leaves were few. The deer group was automatically bred in that year. No deer were born to adapt to the severe winter food shortage. environment of. In the past two years, the vegetation has been plump and the grain has been more. The deer group has been desperately mated and has produced many deer. Zoologists have been observing records for twenty years, and the conclusion is: “The biological world has natural reproductive control instinct, and does not require humans or beasts to kill them to destroy the ‘beast’.” Non-Buddhist zoologists still With this insight, we Buddhists have advocated killing students to avoid excessive breeding of animals.

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