Meditation Essence about Basic method of Meditation Chapter 5

How to use

  First, relax the body

  1, the head

  1 Eyes are easy to relax, whether it is blinking or closing your eyes, you don’t have to look at the eyeballs, you don’t have to think about it.

  2 The muscles of the face are slack, and there is a feeling of stability from the heart, which is expressed on the face and has a feeling of relaxation. If the expression on the face is stiff or stretched and even deliberately pretends to be smiling, it is tension rather than relaxation. Why is it nervous? For example: fear, worry, brain, or use the brain too much, excited, proud. If you can calm down, you will not be nervous.

  3 heads are not nervous, especially the forehead. The brain should be relaxed, without thinking or paying attention, but breathing with a light and easy attitude.

  2, the body muscles, joints, nerves, bones, all to relax, in addition to the weight of the arms, nowhere else feel the weight, anywhere is very easy.

  3, after the waist straight, the lower abdomen relax, the waist is not nervous or have a feeling of weight.

  Second, the purpose of the method

  Meditating with meditation can precipitate the delusions in your heart and use the method wholeheartedly. What is the method? It is that we can relax and stabilize our body and mind, and our mourning will gradually decrease. What is mourning? It is a cranky thought or a distraction. For example, things that you don’t want to think about are just thinking; thoughts that don’t want to appear don’t listen to what you want to call; thoughts are not unified, this is delusion. It is really difficult to achieve no distracting thoughts, so you must use the method. First, pay attention to the inflow and outflow of the nostrils. Second, from one to ten, count the breath in and out. With such a method, the heart will be pinned, and the confusion will be less and less.

  Third, the method of counting interest

  1, pay attention to breathing: only pay attention to the feeling of breathing from the nose and not the number. This kind of attention to the breathing in and out, still snoring, so it is necessary to count the breathing.

  2, the number of breathing in and out:

  1 first feel that breathing is from the nostrils.

  2 When the gas comes out of the nostrils, it counts a number, no matter when inhaling.

  3 When the number comes out, the mind is attached to the number, and when it comes to the second breath, the second number is counted; so the number is counted in one breath, counting from ten to one.

  Do not pay attention to breathing when breathing 4 times. Just when you breathe, you know that there is breath in the nostrils, then you don’t pay attention to the nostrils, but pay attention to the number and stick the mind to the number.

  When there are 5 numbers, you can have a sound imagination, and you cannot have a number of “words”.

  6 Don’t use your mind to count the numbers very much, but use the heart of “the heart is unintentional” to count.

  Fourth, the number of easy to commit mistakes

  1, not easy to count.

  2, some people are less than a few figures, the number is chaotic, and even the number is forgotten.

  3, some people more than ten still do not know that it has been overdone.

  - Anyone who counts like the above must count from “one.”

  4, when breathing, chest tightness, headache, the main reasons are:

  1 Think with your mind.

  2 Breathing is long and short.

  3 Control the speed of breathing (fast, slow) to prevent confusion.

  4 closed gas.

  5 abdominal muscle tension.

  Five, the benefits of counting

  1, the number of peace of mind.

  2, count the interest to mourn.

  3, the number of interest can gradually calm, stable, and stabilize the distracting thoughts, delusions, and distractions.

  4, the number of interest can make the heart clear and clear.

  6. Advice for beginners

  1, can not be high and far away, greedy, can not hope that there will be no delusion, distracting.

  2, must patience to practice for a long time, in order to settle the chaotic heart.

  Seven, count the Buddha

  1. When you are reading Buddha, don’t pay attention to breathing and anything else, just pay attention to yourself talking about Buddha.

  2, read a Buddha number, count a number: South without Amitabha Buddha, South without Amitabha 2, South without Amitabha Buddha… South without Amitabha Buddha 10, and then from the South without Amitabha Buddha thoughts and counts.

  3, when counting Buddha, it will still be accompanied by mourning, it does not matter, it is normal to know that there is a delusion, it is better not to run with you.

  4, the heart should not be impatient, once found that there are mourning, hurry to focus on the number of Buddha.

  5, do not appear in the mind of the number of “words” image, but you can have a meditation Buddha number and a number of voices.

  Why do you want to count the Buddha?

  1, the Buddha is simply easy to read, not as complicated as counting. image

  2. When counting, if you control your breathing, you will have chest tightness and headache. Counting Buddha does not pay attention to breathing, so there is no such problem.

  3, the average person’s heart is more chaotic, you can read Buddha on the one hand, on the other hand, thinking about it, easy to develop a scattered mind and Buddha, if you count the Buddha is easier to find mourning, but if compared with the number of interest, then count and count the Buddha, It is easier to detect the floating of delusions.

  Therefore, people who do not count the interest and feel that the number of interest is very painful can be changed to count the way of reading Buddha; otherwise, it is better to use the method of counting interest.

  How to deal with the physical and mental reactions caused by meditation

  When you meditate, you will feel uncomfortable in your body. It is best to not pay attention to it. Back pain may be caused by a cold, leg pain, leg numbness, and sore legs, which are insufficient practice. Backache, soreness, etc. are normal phenomena. It is best not to take care of it. If there is no way to do it, you can move it gently, but you can’t move too much, you can’t move your body from time to time, otherwise it will be more and more painful. , causing anxiety in my heart. Therefore, you should practice your attention at any time, regardless of your physical feelings. The method is as mentioned above: relax the body, relax the head, count the breath or count the Buddha. These methods use force, there is no feeling of physical discomfort to disturb you to meditate.

  How to meditate in daily life

  First, physical and mental unity

  Where is the body, where is the heart, what the body is doing, what the heart is doing; where is the hand doing, where is the foot, where is your heart – the body and mind are inseparable, and the body and mind are the same. E.g:

  1, in the kitchen to boil water, pick water, pick vegetables, cut vegetables, wash vegetables, the heart is placed on the action, the heart can not afford other thoughts.

  2, if you are cooking, your hands are moving, your heart must concentrate on cooking, and there are no other distractions in your mind.

  3. If you feed a child’s food and drink, you only want to feed the child’s milk and other foods with one heart and one mind, and there is no other thought. My mind is very clear, relaxed and happy.

  First plan to know what to do, if you have already planned things, do not think about it when you are doing it, especially in normal life, some are regular movements, such as: mouthwash, brushing, shaving If you have done it many times, you don’t have to think about it, but you have to think about it. If you don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to think about it.

  Often there are some inertial actions that don’t need to be considered. Most people think about other things in a cranky way. In fact, they don’t have to think about it. As long as they know exactly what they are doing, such as sweeping the floor, sweeping the sweep and sweeping. It is very clear that dishwashing, eating, etc. should be the same.

  However, the first time you do an action or deal with a thing, or you are not familiar with the action and the thing at all, you must first think about it, and then think about how to do it. When you are doing it, if you are not sure, you still have to think about it. This will not mourn, but is doing the work with one heart and one mind.

  For example, a mother cuts a flower and puts it in her hand, thinking about how to place the flower in a suitable position, and then carefully inserting it in the process. In the process, it is a matter of no thoughts, not a mourning. On the other hand, if you are too accustomed to the action of cutting flowers and arranging flowers, the result is that you have a flower in your hand, but your heart is thinking: “What is the child doing there? Well! Strange! Why is he so quiet, what is he doing?” The child is moving, why is the sound of his walking so loud?” Is this mourning? It is a mourning. So if you do anything, you should put your heart on that matter. The heart is doing it for that thing, that is, reading rather than mourning. Therefore, always keep your body’s movements and thoughts in your mind in a state of unity.

  Second, the heart is consistent

  For example: I am talking, telling you one sentence after another, but I am thinking about another thing in my mind. Is it incoherent? Of course, because of the mouth, it is two different things. If I am talking about this sentence, I am thinking about the first sentence and the second sentence I just mentioned. This is just thinking about it.

 Therefore, to say a sentence is this sentence, what is said, what is it, very clearly know what you are saying; after the end of a sentence, the next sentence naturally comes out, but before the speech, first consider what to say, not If you want to talk about anything, just say it, then you will become nonsense, you don’t know what you are talking about; maybe you have nothing to say, just want to talk with your mouth, this is delusion, not the same.

  Consistently, you must know what you want to say. It is also clear after you express it. This is the practice of the practitioner on his own body. The behavior of the language is clearly understood, so that he will not do wrong or wrong. The words.

  Three minds are like

  A cranky person can glimpse from his eyes, because his eyes are erratic and he has no heart in his heart. I don’t know what to look at. It seems to look at everything on the surface. In fact, there is no object that focuses on the focus. I don’t even understand why my eyes should be seen. I don’t know where to set my eyes, but the thoughts in my head keep moving, so my eyes are also It flutters like a whirlpool. Therefore, it is possible to observe from the human eye whether the person is concentrated and stable.

  In daily life, you are responsible for any one of your own actions, that is, “one step at a time”, down to earth, step by step. Walking step by step, the speech is also step by step, any action should be step by step. It’s not a mess, it’s not a hammer in the East, but a unity of mind and body.

  If you have less thoughts and add a little mindfulness, your wisdom will increase. You can open your eyes and open your eyes. It must be the elimination of troubles and troubles. Only when you have a stable mind can you reduce your troubles. Only when practicing physical and mental unity and the same mind, the troubles in the heart will inevitably decrease. When the external realm is disturbed, you just have to pay attention to what you are thinking about? What do you look at your eyes? What is the ear listening to? In this way, pay attention to watching, hearing, etc., the trouble does not exist, the result is that the listener hears, and the watch also sees.

  For example, if the other party hits a punch, if you pay attention to the action played by the other party and the feeling of being beaten, then you will not have troubles in your heart. If you hear someone else yell at you, you will hear the voice clearly and know that you are being The sly person, there is no trouble in my heart. But if you have a wave in your heart – why am I being jealous? Why did he hit me? If you think about it, your troubles will be revealed, because you pay attention to each other’s sake. On the other hand, if you clearly pay attention to your own mind, then your troubles must not exist.

  (From “The World of Zen”)

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