What is Weibo communities?

Weibo is not a service name like Twitter or Facebook but it is a definition of sending 140 short messages to Chinese online communities or Micro Blogging in English. The same definition is called Twitter. Which is clear that Weibo is Twitter’s twins.

Social Media in China is divided into several sub-groups. If Social messaging App is included, it counts the tools and channels of activities. Multi-channel communication Choose according to the behavior and target group. district, economic city, adolescent group, working age or people with purchasing power will vary.

But if asked what should be emphasized, must say that Weibo is a good choice. In addition to many users, there are many tools to cover. But have to forget the picture that says Weibo is Twitter Chinese first Because the image is not like that.

Because Weibo is quite delicate Regarding the comments from many incidents in China, Weibo was taken by the Chinese government. Control who is in use Must be identified by the name of the real surname, identification card number with the Chinese authorities Effective from March 2015.

To create an account as a communication channel With marketing objectives may be difficult enough Just like a company that wants to open an Official Account or Corporate Weibo, must confirm the delivery of important documents to open an account with Sina, the owner of Weibo. And many foreign companies open accounts in China, especially the US and Japan.

Corporate Weibo or Enterprise Edition is a high level of Weibo, full of many new features. If you see the appearance of strange impressions Unlike the general people It is assumed that it is a Corporate Account because it will be able to change the look as needed and get a badge (V) Verified. Not unlike Twitter, Profile Account page. Change to put the widget on the Flash banner or video on the page. And comes with various Insights Stat pages that marketers like

Sina Weibo is the full name of Weibo, although with because the parent company, Weibo, is a company named Sina. The famous Chinese port website Therefore, as a matter of official contact, businesses must have Sina to come in.