Place to visit in Scotland

Scotland is a nation of Scots and is part of the United Kingdom covering an area of one-third north of Great Britain bordered with England to the south. The rest is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from east, north-south, and north of the Irish. This is located in the vibrant European continent. Scotland is an advanced country which is the result of the creativity and warmth with famous Scottish people. Scotland has many important things that helped to grow to this day. The information and stories about Scotland are quite interesting.

World Heritage City and the capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh city which is a city of remarkable history and also the second most visited tourist destination after London. In Edinburgh is famous for beauty with many annual festivals and in the area of ​​jolly to the friendliness. But if talking about the largest city in Scotland that is Glasgow city. The place is known as an industrial city and an important port with interesting backgrounds. Ever since the glorious past that Glasgow has been the center of shipbuilding and regarded as the UK’s second most important city after London. Until today it has become Scotland’s most important economic center.

Where to go:

1. Holyrood Palace

Palace of Holyrood house is the Queen’s residence when visiting Scotland. It was the residence of Queen Mary of Scotland. The opposite side of the palace is Scottish Parliament with contemporary architecture. The Palace of Holyroodhouse, commonly referred to as Holyrood Palace, is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II.

2. Scottish Parliament in the Holyrood City

Scottish Parliament is the devolved national, unicameral legislature of Scotland. This place located in the Holyrood area of the capital city, Edinburgh. It is frequently referred to by the metonym Holyrood. The Parliament founded in May 12, 1999. There are 129 seats in the parliament. These place open for visitors to visits 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday and close on Sunday.

3. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle located on the hill. The view is majestic from all corners of the town. Formerly the Crown of Scotland and part of the fortification as well as the ancient castle walls. In the past 150 years, St. Margaret’s Church was built in the 12th century to commemorate King David’s mother, and then to the inner court. The Palace presents the story of the Scottish dynasty. Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, from its position on the Castle Rock. Archaeologists have established human occupation of the rock since at least the Iron Age, although the nature of the early settlement is unclear.

4. Rosslyn Chapel Church

A small church in southern Edinburgh in Scotland Which if anyone can watch a movie or read a famous novel “The Da Vinci Code” of Dan Brown. American writers will recognize this “mystery church of Christianity”, which is a great attraction for many tourists. Want to unravel the secret code puzzle that the ancient mechanic carved into the wall and the whole church roof And the legend says the Holy Grail that is hidden in this church.

In the history of the Holy Grail is the sacred cup that Jesus used to drink wine during the last supper before he was crucified Of Jesus and Mrs. Mary Magdalene, who descended and descended to present. This Rosslyn church is made entirely of stone like a church. Will be different in the internal details Which the former technician carved out until the full kaleidoscope of the whole back From the high ceilings to the small monolithic windows That supports the window Altars as well as walls throughout the church Has been engraved with the pattern until almost left to breathe There are two beautiful pillars that support the church. But the most beautiful tree is the Apprentice Pillar at the base of this column Was carved into 8 dragon figures with grape leaves growing out of each dragon’s mouth Slither the entire pole around And became a pillar of legend in history.

5. Bidean nam Bian Mountains

Bidean nam Bian Mountains is mountain (climbing) weather forecasts for 2 elevations of Bidean Nam Bian, Grampians, Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom. In this area is a walking path to the top of the Bidean nam Bian mountain that is considered to be a difficult walk, a long walk for hikers and climbers.

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