Solar box Technology to help house save electricity

Renewable energy began to be known. And have already been used at the general public level Technology Development Department Therefore creating a device to help make the most efficient use of renewable energy. “Nortis Group” has shown innovation in renewable energy. “SOLARLAA BOX”, a real-time home electrical monitoring technology, an innovation that helps to understand electrical consumption behavior. And reduce the use of electrical energy sustainably

Solar box Is an extension of the “Solara” application (SOLARLAA), an application to simulate the installation of solar energy or solar cells, which counts as the first start-up Of Thailand that uses technology applications to penetrate the renewable energy business market seriously

Nortis Group collaborates with a team of experts from leading universities in Thailand. Developing this solar innovation With a compact box-like shape Modern design Easy to install and use with the “Plug And Play” system. Just plug in the electrical control panel inside the house. Will monitor the production of electricity in the home and send data via a wireless connection to display the results to the Solarla application on the Monitoring Platform by the user of the application Can browse the data of home electricity at any time, anywhere, on their own mobile device

Solar box Helps to understand the behavior of using electricity in the home Knowing how much electricity each month we use Which electrical appliances have more electricity than they should? Then analyze and manage the use of electricity such as reducing unnecessary electricity. Repair electrical appliances that have abnormal electrical use Or choose to use renewable energy for electricity generation, etc. which will lead to saving electricity bills in the home And reduce energy consumption

“Praparat Tangkawattana”, Chief Executive Officer, Nortis Group, said that the company has developed renewable energy technologies. And various innovations That helps to save energy (Energy Detective Device) on digital platforms (Digital Platform) to support the Internet of Things (IoT) era to make users more comfortable and easy to use (User Friendly) by focusing on the home market single Which is a large consumer base It also helps create awareness and use of energy. Will help reduce user costs While reducing energy consumption in the country Resulting in the creation of a green society in the future

Nortis Group launched the first Solar LaSeries series, namely Solar Sense or S Series, which can monitor the electricity generation in the whole house. After the overall picture And next year will release more new series such as Solar Momentum or M Series that can monitor the electrical usage of household electrical appliances in the form of pieces per piece and solar Solar Inspirit (I Series) technology to monitor the production of electricity from all types of electrical equipment in the home

This year, Nortis Group will be able to install solar cells on the roofs of houses and commercial buildings both domestically and internationally. With a total capacity of 30 megawatts, saving approximately 43 million units or more than 172 million baht

Source: The Economic Base Newspaper, Year 37, Issue 3,296, 14-16 September 2017


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